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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, a young South African comedian took over the hosting duties of Jon Stewart in comedy central’s new and talk show “The Daily Show” and has performed a recommendable job since the launch of season one. During Trevor Noah’s show, the reaction of the die-hard fans seemed both purposeful and at the same time successful as he tried his best not to mess up with the successful formula of the daily show. Thus the show was a complete success right from season one but cannot be compared to the previous show because apparently both Trevor and Jon had different ways and versions of keeping their long time audience glued and merry upon having a glimpse of the comedy episodes. The most memorable episode was obviously the first episode of the season one when Trevor met his fans and his fans met him for the very first time. This was the night that marked the beginning of the daily show highlighted in this document. The daily show known for its very high pressure situation was easily handled by Trevor by his self-composure and seemingly being entirely at ease. This was successfully accomplished with the little bit of earnestness with which he handled the materials that he delivered on that very first night. Despite the fact that Trevor borrowed some little norms and specs from Stewart, this seemed planned with an aim of confirming to the audience and fans that this was the daily show, is the daily show and will always remain to be the very funny daily show they heartily love. From the first week of takeover therefore, the show received a lot of different critiques including the huge number of potential that was bestowed upon Trevor as the new host and the very same time, there were a number of potential problems that were pointed out and needed to be ironed out for the success and smooth running of the comedy show that had already attracted a massive number of fans.