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The Cybersecurity Infrastructure


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The Cybersecurity Infrastructure

List four reasons (of five) the administration has not address cyber security

It is no doubt that the world in general and public sector, private sector and individuals in particular face major cyber-attacks.  The administration has a major role to play in addressing cyber-attack. However, it has not been able to effectively achieve this goal because of a number of reasons (Lopez, Setola and Wolthusen, 2012). One of the reasons is because many corporate institutions hold that they are best left alone to address the issue of cyber security. The second reason is that corporate leaders feel that the issue of cyber security is not for common good and government should not be involved in it (McAlearney, 2016). Another reason has been the need not to interfere with privacy; attempts to address cyber security may involve intrusion into privacy of individuals and corporations. The final main reason why administration has not addressed cyber security is because of inadequate ingredients to do so; it is important that it invests more resources to address this issue (Lopez, Setola and Wolthusen, 2012).

What are some of the challenges in securing ICS/SCADA networks?

According to McAlearney (2016), targeted attacks on ICS and SCADA are the major threats to key national infrastructure. As such, there are always attempts to secure them. However, there are some challenges towards achieving this goal. The first challenge is connected to how these systems relate to critical infrastructure; these systems control physical processes relating to critical infrastructure such as gas, water, transport and power. Therefore, nearly 100 percent availability is required and thus becoming costly and difficult to interrupt them for security updates (Lopez, Setola and Wolthusen, 2012). The second main challenge is that while these systems are quite easy to secure, most of them are as old as 30 years. Since many of them were installed before the advent of