The program is a special piece for people that have never tried exercising before and want to give it a try. It is also tailored for people that feel out of shape because although they had a workout routine, for one reason or another, they have not been exercising for six months or more. Jimmy Pena et al. have stretched it over a four week course, with daily workouts that are easy with progress and the stages are kept up with your progress. It is a series of intense high volume workout techniques that promises faster results.

Week one is a full-body split which means that one gets to exercise major body organs. They advise that the workout should only be carried out three days of the week with a day break in between to rest by preventing burnout and pain in aching muscles. The exercise is designed so that one only exercises one part of the body per day. Week one prepares one for the long run work out and incorporates the use of weight lifts. At the end of week one, one will have done three sets of workouts for each body part.

Week two is split decision where the number of work out days increase from three to four. The split is meant to work on both the upper and lower body on different days. Each body side is trained twice. The good news is that you still have recovery days. All muscle groups are trained more effectively from different angels. The exercise is a combination of reps, dumbbell flye and dumbbell bench presses and triceps.

Week three is coined three on three and involves a three day training split that works on day one, back and biceps, day two lower body and day three the lower body. The gym days are six. Here intensity for week 1, and 2 are increased substantially because your body can accommodate it.

Week four training days are four and fewer body parts are trained. Special attention is given to the parts that require attention still.


It is a workout routine that makes sense especially when one is training for special effects to be achieved within a short time. It may be a short term goal to look perfect for a wedding or a vacation or even a scheduled photo shoot. It serves the special goal for people looking for quick fixes yet still provides them with a long time goals to work out even in the future. It gives beginners the work out of pros and empowers them with skills that would encourage them to go to greater heights. I also love that the schedule gives breaks in between the exercises to give the body rest and a breathing space for beginners because it can be a little too hard for a newbie and no one wants to be discouraged on the first go. It may have been designed with men in mind yet its routine can also work wonders on women that want to achieve some physique goals and put some goals under the belt. It is also special because you can work with a friend or a group of friends to improve morale. It however has its downside because; it does not enlighten one on dietary needs and changes in lifestyle. It does not also prepare one psychologically of the pain that awaits them.


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