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The Company is Downsizing

The last five years have been tough for most businesses internationally and locally. We have experienced tough economic times with an economy that keeps fluctuating. Software Solutions is a company, as you have seen, that treaded the dangerous waters and kept faith of better days. As a company we have given our best commitment to staying afloat and making a name out of what we are proud to do. Most recently however, the economy is catching up with us. Before elaborating on the company’s plan to stay above water, allow me to thank all of you for fighting with us in good spirit.

My sincere gratitude goes to all 7,500 employees that have been under my care for the last 15 years. Most of you came to the company as new graduates; sleeves folded and ready to take on challenges. I have seen you grow and expand your careers and it is the best gift an employee can give an employer. I want to thank you for your dedicated service and continued faith in us even when the company experienced the worst times. You have been a force to remember and my life as a professional will never be the same again, having worked with you. You have been good both at taking instructions, being self-motivated and inspiring me in the process. No amount of words can thank you enough.

However, after a number of meetings on the company’s future, we have all agreed that it is best to sell AccountSoft. In the past, as per the company mission, we only sold AccountSoft to the larger corporate world. Business was good until two years back when the economy became a rollercoaster. We are afraid that the company can no longer support the software as before. Our company made this decision after deciding to change our clientele from big corporations to smaller businesses and individuals. This move was made to keep the company from going out of business. The change in mission is necessitating the sale of AccountSoft. The software will now belong to a company called Accounting Support Services, Inc. (ASS). It is truly saddening to let AccountSoft go after all our dedication to it, but the decision was not easy to make.The Company is Downsizing

In the acquisition of AccountSoft by ASS, the new company has agreed to take on the software developers. I am glad to announce that the 7,350 of you have a place and a new home at ASS. However, my heart breaks for the sales and marketing team. I wish I could assure you job security but my hands are tied for now. ASS will not be acquiring you as well because they already have their own team. I wish Software Solutions could retain you, but we are financially incapable of supporting you. We are unhappy that we have to lay you off. However, we wish you only the best as you seek new jobs.

The company has promised to see that you are ready to expand your careers in new places. As part of our farewell package, we promise a one month salary free of labour after the layoff which is happening four months from now. The company has also employed the services of a consultancy firm that will help you with outplacement. We are keen on helping you re-orient in the job market and making sure you are the best for the current job market. We wish that you all find the best jobs the job market has to offer. The outplacement workshops will be conducted for the next four months on a weekly basis. The workshops will be the whole group affair and the company has made sure that the consultancy firm also has time for individual service. The company has also hired the service of one more counsellor in addition to the company counsellor to offer psychological support to any employee that needs it. All these services will be free of charge.

Feel free to access all the services placed at your disposal and approach Human resources with any questions or for guidance. Kindly consider this set back as a stepping stone to expanding your careers and exploring your full potential. We wish you nothing but the best in your job search and subsequent employment in the best companies out there. Thank you for being our support system all this while.The Company is Downsizing


Tamara Lee.

SVP, Human resources