The Catcher in the Rye



The Catcher in the Rye

Holden gives us a general summary of his daily morning. He wakes up and smokes a cigarette as he fantasizes about jane (76). However, he opts to call Sally as a distraction from calling Jane who he thought was not yet home. He did not get to Sally directly since the call was received by the maid, then Sally’s father before she finally came to the phone. He describes her as a not-so-intelligent lady. He had earlier held her in high regards before he got to know her better. During their call, Sally’s non-intelligence manifests. Holden calls to fix a date for them to meet but she goes ahead and tells him issues about the boys who are after her (77). However, they set a date and decided to meet under the Biltimore clock. He then describes the people on the streets as perverts. This is to bring some sense of humor and description of their society. He later regards them as pretenders since they did not show their true colors in the morning (77)

Hoden decides to go to Grand Central Station since he knew that he was unable to go home on a Sunday. He puts his bags in the station’s strong boxes and decides to enjoy his time away from school. He takes a rather heavy breakfast at one of the sandwich bars (78). He does so as he judges the other people at the station. For instance, he concludes that the nuns with the suitcases were moving to a new convent. He looks at the amount that he had spent at that particular time and he saw that he had overspent. It was no surprise but he still felt that he would have done better. However, we can understand that his father is rich and makes his money as a lawyer. This made him be able to afford the 10-dollar contribution that he gave to the nuns (79).The Catcher in the Rye

Holden then got into a dialogue with the nuns to understand who the nuns were. As they were sited next to him, he understood that they were teachers and they got into a deep conversation about literature. These included books such as Anglo- Saxon books, Beowulf, Old Grendel (80). He gets into a serious conversation with the nuns and talks about their lives and their plans. Further, as they talk, we can understand that nuns are normal human beings. They enjoy the various functions such as reading the love poems. It takes Holden by surprise when she quotes Romeo and Juliet. At the end of the process, he ends up doing something rather stupid, he blows smoke to the face of the nun by mistake. He ends up getting guilty that he gave a small donation. However, he ended up forgetting this problem and starts thinking about his date with Sally.

As he is walking towards his date, he thinks about the collection basket. He does this as he compares the collection with that in the churches. He tries to compare it with the different women he has come across. These include her mothers, sister, aunt and Sally’s mother (82). However, as he walks he is able to give us an understanding of the different characters. For example, his aunt is very charitable while Sally’s mum is wicked. He further jokes that the only way he would get money is if she is paid for people to lick her ass.The Catcher in the Rye

He comes across a family which he describes as poor. However, what captures his attention is the fact that they were not paying attention to their kid. He was walking on the road and was humming the ‘if a body catch a body coming through the rye (82).’ He was walking as he admired the occurrences along Broadway. He pays for a show regrets using this amount to watch the show. He goes and purchases a copy of the Little Shirley beans record for 5 dollars (82). He then remembers that he is supposed to hit Jane up. He calls her but her mother picks up the phone. He decides to hang up. He goes and purchases a pair of Lunts’ tickets since he thinks Sally would enjoy their show. He then starts thinking of the various actors. He describes them as boring but he appreciates their music (87).The Catcher in the Rye

He looks for Phoebe but he is unable to get her. He talks to his brother who tells him that he Phoebe may be in class. However, he knew that Phoebe will not be in class on that particular day. He decides to go and look for her at the par. In the park, he describes the different activities that the children may be engaging in. He goes ahead and helps one of the child to get weight by pulling him down on the seesaw (88). However, he decides to go to the Museum. In his head, he knows that he would not unequivocally go to the museum unless Phoebe was there with him. He reaches there and decides to take a cab to go meet Sally (88).

When he reaches the meeting point, he is early and describes the individuals who were there. In particular, he shows that most of the individuals who were waiting were ladies. He meets with Sally who is 10 minutes late but he acts as if she was on time. She loves his choice of the show that he chose. He sat through the show taking some breaks after every show. He later says that he ended up hating Sally by the send of the 10-hour show (91). However, she provides that they should go for Roller skating at Radio City (92). However, it is all a plan that Sally devised in order for her to tease Holden. It is because they were both shitty skaters. Thy decided to go and enjoy the activity until Sally was tired and they then decide to go for a drink.The Catcher in the Rye

As they talk, she asks him to come and help her to trim her Christmas tree. From Holden’s words, he knows her true intention. However, as they talk, there is a clear breakdown of information. Sally claims that he is not shouting whereas he holds that it is not the case. Therefore, he ends up finding it rather difficult to hold that. During their conversation, Holden provides that it is high time that they elope. He opines that they should elope and go to Massachusetts. This does not augur well with Sally who believes that they are too young to ran away. She says that they still have a long way to go before they can perform such acts. She is really mad at this point (96). She even refuses his apology.

After their date, he goes ahead and takes a Swiss Cheese sandwich. However, he was really thinking of the calling Jane. In his mind he wants to spend some time with her and taker her dancing (97). However, he is against the boyfriend Al Pike who is against their relationship. However, he raises a serious issue on the question of relationships. He provides that a lady always has a problem when it comes to the issue of dating. If the guy likes the girl, he will be said to have some sort of inferiority complex but the narrative would change of he does not like him. He will be considered to be conceited. So the society is comprised of a bunch of individuals with double-standards (97). He calls Jane from the booth and nobody answers.

He looks at his contact book and looks for anybody who can keep him company. He settles on Carl Luce whom they had met at Holden. He flashes back and remembers that he had referred to the guy as a fat-assed phony. He is idle in the city as he waits from Carl and decides to go watch the Christmas extravaganza at Radio City (98). As earlier stated, he is not a fan and hates the performance. He decides to go watch a movie. It is a war movie that he discourages an audience who does not want to puke not to watch it. The movie makes him think of war and starts narrating D.B’s experience in war (99). He gives information on the likes and further judges him for liking the boring books.

He meets with Luce at the Swanky Seton Hotel and they catch up on their lives. We are able to understand that they all loved ladies and tried to see who was gay. Luce held that almost everybody was gay and Holden suspected that he was. However, they are to meet for only a few minutes as she is supposed to carry out some errands. They catch up and Holden realizes that Carl is somehow reserved and does not talk about Sex. Therefore, he pushes the topic and he still reluctant to engage in this topic. However, Holden opens up and seeks Carl’s advice on how he can get intimate with a girl he likes. He ends up getting referred to Carl’s father who is a psychoanalyst and he would help him to look at the patterns in his brain. However, Luce has to rush and he refuses Holden’s offer for another drink. Holden then decides to walk all the way to his place since it is not that far.The Catcher in the Rye

He goes ahead and calls Sally again. This time she picks and he talks to her about the plans he has for them for their Christmas Eve. He is still drunk and remembers that he used to enjoy watching ducks at Central Park. This was at a lagoon that he had earlier been unable to locate. However, it is too cold. As he walks around, he decides to go and wake his sister Phoebe. His drunken state makes him admit that he was wicked when she lefts school and this even makes Phoebe madder. He says that he hates school and lays his reasons. However, Phoebe provides that he is a person who does not like anything. But one thing that stands out from his drunken state is his fantasy of ‘the catcher in the rye’. He explains to her its impact on his life but she corrects him that he had confused the poem with ‘if a body meet a body coming through the rye.’

He decides to go and catch up with Mr. Antolini who was his former English teacher. They decide to meet at Mr. Antolini’s apartment. He agrees to the call and is warmly welcome. The issues that they talk about are Holden’s future and his expulsion. He then decides to give him tips on how he can improve his future. From the long night he had, it is evident that he is sleepy. He therefore ends up laying on the couch. He study’s Mr. Antolini’s actions and concludes that they are homosexual overtures. He then rushes out and decides to go and catch some sleep at the Grand Station bench.

He decides to leave for good. However, he is worried how Phoebe will cope up. He decides to get to her by writing a letter that he drops at Phoebe’s school. He tells her that they are supposed to meet at school. He walks around thinking of what he will be doing as he waits for lunchtime. Phoebe arrives as she is crying as says that they should go together. In her hand, she has suitcases ready parked. He refuses but understands that she can be clingy and will follow her eventually. He then decides to spend some quality time with his sister. They decided to go and spend quality time at the zoo. They enjoyed watching the sealions together even though she was still mad at him. They then went to watch the bears and he was glad that his sister was enjoying the time they spent together.

They agreed to go to the carrousel for a ride. He bought her a ticket and Phoebe told him to remain with the money he had lent him. She enjoyed the ride that by the end of it she was no longer mad at Holden that he wanted to leave. She went for another ride and later came and pecked his brother. Their time together was cut short with the rain. They then decided to run home. They were rained on and he later got sick.

Step 2The Catcher in the Rye

The author’s narration was well written. It describes the various issues that the characters went through in their daily lives. He is able to give a detailed information on these occurrences. His choice of words makes reading this work enjoyable. In addition, we are able to understand the different individual’s points of view. In one situation, we get an understanding of the action as it occurred and further the character’s mood towards the unfolding.The Catcher in the Rye

In addition, the flashbacks played a very important role in understanding the occurrences. For example, we understand the issues that Holden used to like when he was growing up. In addition, we were able to understand the main reason why an inexpensive suitcase was such a big deal. However, the author’s writing style makes us understand the character better and it brings some sense of confusion. For example, we understand that Holden is not as selfish and judgemental as we earlier thought but rather he cares also about the feelings of the others around him.

Step 3The Catcher in the Rye

Figurative Language used in the telling of the story

Humor-the Catcher in the Rye

The major style that he relies on is Humor. The description and the manner in which he refers to the other individuals in their society is humorous. For example, he refers to the individuals walking in the streets as perverts (77). Later on, his description of Sally’s mom is funny. He provides that she is wicked and even provides that the only way that she can get any donation is if people kiss her ass after they donate (82). Describes the situation at the park and the fact that one of the children was too fat that the other one was unable to enjoy the game (88). In addition, it is funny that he says something openly and immediately says the opposite. For instance, he says to sally that her hair is lovely and follows it with, “Lovely my ass” (90)


He uses an array of descriptive words for the reader to understand the exact situation that the character was in. The author either describes the individuals directly or he uses the characters, mainly Holden to help the reader get a mental picture of the character and the situation. In addition, the words enable us to understand what the characters emotions at the specific time. For example, we understand that Holden was well off when we got his description of the suitcases that he had (79). Dick describes his suitcases as too new and bourgeois.

In addition, He described the situation at the meeting point. He provided that there were all kinds of individuals at the station. One of the best description was that there were ladies who both crossed their legs and those who didn’t (88). This in simple terms meant that there were ladies from all walks of life. The issue of crossing the legs means that some had etiquette while others lacked it. He uses an hyperbole at the send of chapter 18 to show how he did not enjoy the book. I’m sort of glad they got the atomic bomb invented. If there’s ever another war, I’m going to sit tight the hell on top of sit. I’ll volunteer. I swear to God I will (101).

As Holden goes for the date, he describes the weather. He provides that even though it was somehow cold, it was not really too cold as it always is (90). As the readers we can get a rough idea of the climate of the area. For example, we may deduce that it is around winter. Later we get to see that it was around the winter areas. As seen from the end of chapter 25 when they are rained on with Phoebe (152).

He describes Jane’s boyfriend as a moron who used to wear tight bathing suits to show his muscles. This gives us an understanding of his likes. He later provides that he was all muscles and no brains (97). However, the reader can understand that he said all these out of spite for the guy. He even questions why she would hang out with such a guy.

Monologue-the Catcher in the Rye

The author has perfected the style of monologue in the article. It helps us the reader to understand the situation facing the individuals at the specific time. In addition, we get the characters mood on the situation. For example, we get to understand the main reason he calls Sally Haynes. This is because he likes Jane but he ends up calling Sally since he just needed company. Later on, he decides to call Carl Luce all because he just wanted company. From his personal thoughts we can see that he did not like him even. At the end of their meeting, he refers to him as a pain in the ass (106). We can also understand that he may have been battling with the issue of eating healthy. He ends up feeling bad that the nuns were eating healthy as he was enjoying his bacon (79).

Lastly, we can understand that he hated these performing arts. He first started listing the stars that he knew and later tells us that he does not fancy their work (84). He describes them as good but he does not deem them to be the best in the field. We also understand that he went to the museum and outright told himself that it would be the last place he would ever get into (88).

Flashback-the Catcher in the Rye

This is style that makes it possible for us to get more information on the lives of the characters. For example, we understand that he has had his own encounters with inexpensive suitcases. It is after he remembers his roommate, Dick, at Elkton Hill (78). We are also able to understand who he the character is and compare his actions at the moment. We later see that he is still a caring person. He hides his suitcase to make Dick Slagle feel good about his inexpensive suitcase and later he decides to take Phoebe to the zoo to make him feel better.


There are different instances of irony portrayed throughout the book. Firstly, Holden hides his suitcase to make his roommate feel good about his suitcase but Dick decides to remove them from under the bed to lie that it is his (78). In addition, when the nun starts reciting Romeo and Juliet, it makes the reading more interesting. For example, Handel thinks that she did not sound much like a nun (80). He ended up blowing smoke in the face of the nun. Most people will always try to act differently when they act around religious people.

Holden hates these plays but all through the story, he goes to them. However, we can enjoy that he goes to them all because he is bored with some spare time in his hands (98). In one of the shows, the lady is crying at all the Phony instances but she is ignoring her child (99). Therefore, irony makes reading this work more interesting since it is funnier looking at this character from the different perspective.

Topics that Surface in the Novel

Sex-the Catcher in the Rye

Sex has surfaced numerous times in this part of the novel. Firstly, when Holden and Sally meet we understand that she chooses to go for ice-skating so that she can have the skirt that barely covers her butt (92). This is meant to arouse him. In addition, she invites him over to trim the edges of his Christmas tree which he understands as a code name for having sex that night (93). Later, when his conversation with Sally gets heated, he provides that most people go to university to drink alcohol and have a lot of sex (94). Therefore, we can understand the activities that these individuals may always get involved in. When they were mad at each other he thinks of moving to China because he has a lousy sex life. Lastly, he talks to Luce about sex a lot. From their flashbacks, we understand that they were active from the time they were in school. Later he takes Luce’s option of visiting his father because of him being unable to get the girls he wants.

In addition, there were instances that the author brought up the issue of homosexuality. Firstly, they talked with Luce about homosexuality. Holden even said that he thought that he was a flint which means that he was gay. Later on, his experience with Mr. Antolini makes him think that he was making homosexual advances towards him (137).

What is the main problem facing the Character

The main character in this case is Holden. From the situation, that he is in, it clear that the main problem that he is faced with is loneliness. Immediately he gets to school, he ends up joining a group of nuns as she seeks company (74).He does not like being alone but his actions to find company always backfires. He tries to get Jane but she is too busy to give him attention (76). Later on, he gets Sally whom he scares with the issue of telling her to elope. He looks for company and finds it with Luce (97). However, he has too many questions on sexuality that he ends up chasing him away. When he was drunk, he calls Jane and tells him about his Christmas-eve plans that she is not party to. At the end of the narrative, she realizes that his loneliness can only be helped by his sister, Phoebe. He realizes that she enjoys his company no matter what wrong he does. Therefore, he later finds happiness in his sister, happiness that he has been seeking throughout the section.