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The case is about Bottoms Up Espresso, a seemingly unconventional coffee shop whose owners requires that servers wear bikinis when attending to customers. Apparently, this form of dressing goes against the dress codes of Everest City, where the business has been granted a license to operate. The municipal code of the city requires employees or workers to cover all anatomical areas of the body such as the pubic area and buttocks. Several complaints have been raised about the outfits of the serves that work at Bottoms Up Espresso after the store had started operating at the American Canyon location. The city officials are concerned that the coffee shop is an adult business and not just a café. On the other hand, its owners think that those opposing their business are going beyond the law. They consider the skimpy costumes and exposed body parts to be an expression of body confidence that is entrenched in the Constitution and which contributes to female empowerment.The case is about Bottoms Up Espresso

There are several potential human resource issues. With respect to social responsibility, the actions of Bottoms Up Espresso can be viewed as being detrimental to society. The location of the business close to a dance studio that is frequented by young impressionable children would expose them to baristas attire. This would be inappropriate and could contribute to the degradation of the morals of children. There is also the issues of job discrimination at the workplace on the basis of gender. The coffee shop employs females and does not hire guys as servers. There is also the issue of safety of the servers. By making the female body a commodity, the Bottoms Up Espresso could be encouraging sexual violence and breeding proliferation of sexual misconduct and sex crimes. Additionally, by mandating servers to put on minimal clothing, the business denies its employees of the freedom of expression.

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A coffee shop server has several responsibilities. The main duties of these servers relate to promoting coffee consumption, preparing, and serving different coffee drinks, pastries, and cookies as may be needed by customers. Their job duties include promoting the consumption of coffee by presenting coffee drink menus to customers, providing an explanation, and answering any questions that they may have. They also prepare and serve coffee drinks, while adhering to prescribed recipes. These serves have other responsibilities as expected in any work environment involved with serving food. These duties include boosting revenue generation by attracting customers, maintaining a work environment that is both safe and healthy, and enhancing the reputation of a coffee shop.

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The dress code of wearing bikinis is not related to the job duties of a coffee shop server. It is true that coffee serves have a responsibility to attract new customers through different means such as providing excellent services to customers and introducing expanded services and products. Unfortunately, Bottoms Up Espresso is trying to attract customers by using women that dress suggestively. Rather than being engaged in self-expression, the servers at this particular business are being used as sexual objects. It is evident that the business is perpetuating discrimination on the basis of gender since it cannot employ male servers. Moreover, there is discrimination since the servers are forced to dress in costumes that they may not like.

Question 3

I believe that the city has a right to intervene in the running of a business. It is the city councils that grant licenses for different businesses to operate. The businesses are expected to adhere to certain limits. When a business ignores those limits and engages in destructive activities such as providing adult content when it should not, the city should have a right to intervene.The case is about Bottoms Up Espresso