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The Bomb Scare and Urban Sprawl

This week, the major news was that packages containing likely explosive bombs were sent to prominent people in the US. Some of the people included Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and a news centre which is CNN. While most of the people on the receiving end of the mail were democrats, some people are viewing the case as political malice.

This is not good news and it is telling the political direction that this country has taken. The people targeted appear to be clearly democrats and as such CNN is also perceived as lining towards democrats.  There should be proper investigations and answers should be provided to the public concerning who the sender of the packages was. America might be taking a wrong route when people perceived as political enemies start to get threats in the form packages that may contain explosive bombs.

However, I would like to look at the story from another angle. In most of the areas where the bombs were sent had to be evacuated fast to reduce casualties. Although none of the bombs went off, I would like to focus on if they had gone off. The areas receiving the pipe bombs include Florida and New York cities. This are densely populated areas all thanks to urban sprawl. If the bombs had successfully gone off, then a big number of people would have suffered because of the high populations in those cities.

This week, chapter 9 focused a lot on the problems facing major cities. Some problems were traffic jams as people commute from one place to another, poor living conditions due to unplanned neighbourhoods and a lack of regional government. In this case, a bomb scare should add to the list of worries of major cities. The situation was mostly handled by local police and national organisations like Homeland Security showing the ‘hole’ in regional government, where nobody represented them. This case shows the need of regional governments because they may have reacted more swiftly to the situation which is still under investigation up to now. The investigators are yet to find any stable leads because they may not be very familiar with the areas they are investigating. Regional government officials may have done better.The Bomb Scare and Urban Sprawl

October 25th, 2018

The Lack of Regional Government Causing Trouble in Queens

Queens’s area is a part of the larger New York City. It is because of this reason that it may be easily forgotten. Since some time ago, the residents living in Queens have been complaining about an overpass that threatens to collapse ant time. For some time now, the overpass has been breaking down slowly with falling pieces of concrete. The metal bars are naked and residents fear that lives may be lost by the overpass which is still operational. The irony is that there are still trains operating upon it. Residents have registered the issue to the company responsible for maintaining the overpass but nothing has been done this far. The overpass may result in injuries or even death if it is not fixed on time. The best Amtrak Company has promised is that they will get it inspected.

The overpass posses a threat to the people and if it is not restored or destroyed then it might end up costing lives. Across the world there have been numerous instances where an overpass or a bridge has collapsed killing people. The most recent case was in Italy where a bridge that was being repaired collapses killing people. The article therefore calls for immediate action tp avoid similar situation happening here.The Bomb Scare and Urban Sprawl

The local government in Queens is definitely ignoring the issue despite it being serious. This is the reason why large cities like New York may need a regional government. A regional government would have been in charge of infrastructure development and by now would have noticed that the overpass is neglected. In this case, they may not have been responsible for maintaining the overpass but because they are the authoritative figures, they would have made Amtrak take up their responsibility. The local government in this area is definitely overwhelmed by responsibility and needs help. Local government like to be in power, but cases like these have proved that they cannot handle all the problems in large cities. This is one of the reasons why the United States may need to check its constitution and empower regional governments. Safety of people and developments will only thrive then.