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The Benefits of Internet


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The Benefits of Internet

The Internet among the most important inventions for people in our modern life. This is so because it plays an essential role in making sure that people who are far apart and use it connect easily within a very short time. Over the years, people have presented different views, both in support and against, towards the Internet. For those on the opposing side, they argue that personal information leakage is one important threat when using the Internet; on the other hand, some of people think that the Internet is useful tool that provides helpful information. In my opinion, I argue that Internet is significant tool for us, as it brings a number of benefits to us. In addressing the issue, I will provide two arguments in support of my opinion while recognizing the other side of the coin.

To begin with, people are able to look for as well as collect information through using the Internet (Moore 9). The internet has a lot of useful information that people can download for a number of reasons depending on their needs. For instance, in the real life situation, people, over the years, have always used the Internet to carry out academic research, finish homework, as well as watch news. Today, a number of colleges and universities provide online courses and class that students can take at home. In addition, students are able to share their opinion through discussion section online. In some cases due to availability of the Internet, students do not need to buy textbooks, because their instructors and professors will provide e-books with links for them so that they can access them online. Therefore, with this, students are able to save a lot of money. Similarly, the Internet has recently become an essential tool for students to acquire knowledge. Furthermore, the Internet contains a number of old materials that people cannot find in the real life. For example, people cannot find old films nowadays; however, we can search those films from the Internet. The Internet keeps materials over long periods even if it has already passed by many years, decades or even centuries. Moreover, the Internet has made shopping more efficient and faster with the emergence of online shopping. Today, a number of websites provide product information, prices, performance, comparison, as well as reviews. Using these websites, people are able to search information regarding product before shopping so that they make well-informed choices. The online shopping is convenient for people who do not have sufficient time to go for physical shopping in malls or shops. Therefore, the use of the Internet to get products information is becoming important and popular way of shopping. Simply put, people have benefited a lot from the Internet since they can do almost “everything” on the Internet. Furthermore, it is convenient and more efficient. The benefits of internet are many.