The Bell Jar book review



The Bell Jar book review

The book is set in 1953 and the video by David talks of the 1950s era and the things that occurred then. David states that in this era, the general public in America became more aware of their sexuality and begun to talk about sex publicly. Before this era, sex talk was taboo and women were required to be virgins till they are married. In the novel however, women are tired of saving themselves because men are not doing the same and women like Doreen careless while women like Esther set about to lose their virginity. Women become liberated in this era and rebel when they find out that playing housewife is not as fulfilling. Esther does not want to bear children or be married or learn shorthand but she wants to write poems. The society in this era according to David wants women to take care of homes and men to breadwinners and women are not taking that lightly.

This is the era of fast food and fast cars as well as shown by David’s video and this appears in the novel with Ester disliking a woman named Dono who only feeds her children junk food and not proper food. Restaurants also become an in thing as Esther and her collogues often eat out and not cook at home. Esther is given a lift in a fast car which is a convertible by the UN man she likes. Men and women of this era find themselves craving for more and colliding as a result. Women like Esther want to pursue their dreams while men like Buddy are determined to dismiss their ideas. Women have been left to house chores which they loathe and Esther does not even know how to cook or want to learn shorthand.The Bell Jar book review

Why is Central Park synonymous with New Yorkers? I noted that it was in the catcher in the rye and in the bell jar. Does it have any symbolic significance?