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The Art of Listening

The main takeaways from Ury are:

  1. Importance of listening- listening is very important for three reasons. The first reason is that it helps us connect with other people and bond with them. It makes us feel closer. Secondly, listening helps us understand the other side. It helps us get out the words and go into what they are feeling, what their moods are and what they desire. Thirdly, listening helps us get to solutions and establish understanding with other people so that we are on the same page.
  2. Why it is hard to listen- Due to our surroundings, there is a lot of noise in our heads. This makes it difficult to listen to the other person even when we hear their words. As a result of all the noise in our heads, the simple act of the other person talking becomes more noise in our heads.
  3. What to do about it- The first step is learning to listen to ourselves first. Quiet minds a few times in the day by sitting in complete silence. Learning to detect our emotions and moods helps to hear better those of others. Finally it is an important step to practice listening because it is not easy. Parents can practice listening to kids to teach them how to listen. Couples can practice listening to one another. Leaders can listen for the first time instead of just talking. Less talk shows and more listening shows on radio may help change the poor culture of talking more and listening less. The biggest lesson about listening to another person is that it will influence them to listen to another person and the chain continues. The first step however is to be the first listener and thus change those around you.The Art of Listening


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