The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal



The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

We understand that the book is a continuation of Tom Sawyer’s ‘The adventures’. The author agrees with the fact that Tom Sawyer provided in his book. The book ends when they get dollars worth six thousand a piece bars of gold. Therefore, they ended up having a lot of money. They earn money from the gold and also the interest that it earns in the bank account where the money was put by Judge Thatcher. However, Douglas was overwhelmed by the Widow’s mode of civilization and he decided to pack as many of his ragged clothes and decided to ran away. Later, Tom Sawyer put on the table apreposition that he could not resist. He proposed that he was forming as new band of thieves and her expertise would be important to the gang.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

She was a religious person and tried to instill these values into the narrator. After they ate, she wanted to teach him about Moses. However, the lesson was short-lived when he learnt that Moses had died for a rather long time. He claimed that he did not really care a lot about the dead people. He ended up wishing for a break so that he could smoke but his request was shut down since Widow claimed that it was not a clean action and he needed to stop smoking all together. She is always eager to ensure that Huck is reformed.

However, Huck is rather unserious with these issues of going to hell. He eve jokes saying that he does not mind going to hell since it allows him a change of scenery. He does not see what the fuss is all about going to heaven. Miss Watson also says that Tom Sawyer would go to the bad place. This is a relief to Huck who says he would love his company in the bad place.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

We get to see that Miss Watson has two slaves at her place. They usually pray together at night. When in bed, Huck starts to think about the omen that will befall him after he burnt a spider in a candle. He sleeps and in the middle of the night, he hears a Me-yow sound which is a code that he uses with Tom Sawyer. He then climbs down the window and meets Tom Sawyer in the yard.

They stealthily tried to escape Widow’s place but Huck goes ahead and trips on a root as he passes the window. It get’s Jim’s attention. The two lads decided to keeps still and duck. Jim says that he will not sleep until he gets to the bottom of the sound. At this time Tom was developing rushes as he always did when he was in such situations. Tom wants to tie up Jim but Huck refuses but they decide to only hide his hat. When Jim wakes up, he ends up telling people that the hat was put on the tree by witches. He becomes the local hero because the slaves enjoy witch tales.

Tom introduces his new band o robbers in large cave. They are called Tom Sawyer’s Gang. They take an oath and even vow to kill any family member who reveals the secrets of the gang. He attributes this oath to the books that he has come across. Huck found it hard since he did not have any family member to kill but the members relax when he says Miss Watson would be his sacrifice. They decide that they will be kidnapping people or ransom. The irony was that none of them understood what ransom was. They decide that they will be keeping them till they die. As or the women, they will be charming themselves. They are religious, so they reuse to meet on Sundays.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

One day, Huck gets a story that makes him really happy. Rumor has it that his father is dead. His father was out of his life and nowhere to be seen for the past 1 month. However, it is not his father, even not a man but a woman. The gang crumbles in less than a month because the boys deem that it is pointless. They had not robbed or killed anyone. Huck is among the group of boys who decide to quit. They later realize that most of Tom’s stories were lies.

The life out of the gang is good for Huck. It is because he is progressing in his life. He even improves in his school work. He is scared by a set of boot tracks and he decides to sell his fortune. The boys believe in fortune telling as Jim says that he needs money to see what Huck’s father wants. He is paid with a counterfeit bill and still gives him the hairball future. When he returns to his room that night, he finds his father waiting from him in his room.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

His father is mad at Douglass because he is meddling in their business. We later realize that Huck is among the first person in the family to be literate. His father is all up on arms when Huck says he is not as rich, He leaves to go and buy whiskey with the money that he took from Huck. He goes to the extent of threatening judge Thatcher for Huck’s money. It causes Widow and Thatcher to bring proceedings to get custody of Huck. Their judge however refuses to grant them these orders. The new town judge makes it his mission to change Pap but to no avail. He is out of jail but still goes back his old ways.

Pap decides to take up a new way of getting the money from Judge Thatcher, he decides to sue him. In addition, he is not happy that Huck is still attending school and this makes Huck even want to attend school more. One day he kidnaps Huck and takes him to one of the cabins. Huck comes up with a new plan of escaping but Papa come back when he was just about to. We get to know the slavery laws when Pap tells us about the 6-month period that a mixed-race person must be in a state before they can be sold into slavery. Pap chases Huck with a knife but passes out in the process. Huck gets a knife and points it at his father when he passes out.

However, Pap has no idea of whatever he did when he was drunk. When he goes to the river to look at the fishing lines, he sees a canoe which is perfect for him to escape in. He hides it and later stocks it up with food and other valuables from Pap’s cabin. He wants to show that he was killed so he smears Pig blood all over the cabin door. He had planned to go to Jackson Island. He passes out only to wake up and Pap is rowing with him. He gets into Jackson island stealthily not to be discovered. He is still being looked for by Tom Sawyer, his aunt and friends. He loves staying on the island because it gives him the freedom he had always dreamed of. In particular, he loved smoking whenever he felt like. His friends believe that Huck is dead and Jim almost takes off when they meet. He thought he was a ghost. They catch up and Jim says that Miss Watson wanted to sell him to a slave trader who deals New Orleans. They talk about issues such as superstitions and his unsuccessful scams.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

One day in the cave, the heavy rains bring a body of a man who had been shot. They are able to leave the scene in a whisker and go back to the island in the canoe. Huck is still thinking about this man. As a way of playing a joke, one-day Hack puts a dead rattle snake next to Jim as he is asleep, but Jim ends up being bitten by another snake. He is however better in no time. They decide to gather information. Huck believes that if he acts like a girl, he will have it easier as opposed to when he goes as himself. He perfects his impersonation.

Huck takes up the alias, Sarah Williams. He meets a girl who allows him into her shack. She is however still suspicious of this ‘girl’. As they talk about issues around, Hack is delighted when they start talking about the murder. He gets information that Pap was among the major suspects and he had to flee due to the crowd’s wrath. Huck finds out that there is a$200 reward for Pap. He is amazed when he hears that there is a $300 bounty reward for Jim. Huck gets vital information when the lady tells him that his husband and a friend would be going to Jackson island with guys because they saw some smoke bellowing from there. Huck’s female identity can no longer stand since he can not remember his name. The lady concludes that he is a run-away apprentice and Huck introduces himself as George Peters. She later introduces herself as Judith Loftus.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

He goes back to the Island and they have to move as fast as possible. They build a decoy fire and set out on a raft on the flooding river. They decide to travel during the night and hide during the day. It will help them in maintaining their secrecy. All this time, they survived by stealing, buying, and hunting. They feel bad about the stealing and they decide to give up a few items as a moral sacrifice. The storm destroys their raft one stormy night. Huck had over heard a group of robbers contemplating of killing their fellow robber. However, they opt for the storm to kill him. Jim and Huck decide to steal their boat.

They go to as far as possible and decide to go to the shore. They search the boat to see what valuables the thieves had. They discover they are mainly books, clothes, and cigars. They decide to go and relax in the woods. They talk about a lot of issues including their adventure as Huck reads one of the books from the wreck. One of the stories that fascinate Jim is the story of Kings. It is because Jim had only heard the story of King Solomon. Huck decides to make up some stories about some Kings only to fascinate Jim.

They reach the Ohio river and due to the foggy weather, the two boys are separated. However, Huck is able to reunite with Jim and he finds him asleep on his raft. He changes the whole story to be some kind of foreshadow as Jim says that he thinks it proves of what awaits them in the new place. However, his story is long-lived when Jim seems the debris and gets mad at him. He however, apologizes after some time.

They rush in order for them to reach Cairo which leads them to the free states. Jim tells Huck that he wants to earn money to buy his wife’s and children’s freedom. Huck had in his mind decided to give Jim up. Jim tells him he’s his only friend and the only one to keep a promise. He hits a soft spot that Huck has to rethink his plans. During this era, there were still cases o small pox and the fear of infection helps Huck to deny some men access to his boat. They tell him to go further south. They even give him forty dollars in gold. Huck is torn in between giving Jim up because he thinks that he did wrong but he is sure that he would still feel the same way if he gave him up. He decides to go ahead and do away with morality.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

The weather makes it hard for them to know if they had passed Cairo and decide to stop and spend the night up river. However, they come back and find that the canoe had been stolen. They decide to attribute it to the snakeskin from the island. They lose their raft when it collides with a steamboat. They both dive off and Huck makes it to the shore where he meets with a pack of doors. He is saved when the owner of the dogs calls them off him. Huck introduces himself as George Jackson. They go to the man’s house where Huck is suspected of being from the Shepherdsons family. He is given dry clothes and somewhere to sleep. He meets with Buck who wants him to stay at their place. Huck says that he is an orphan. They offer Huck accommodation if he does not mind.

Huck gets to understand who the family better. He gets to hear the story of their deceased daughter, Emmeline and the hate between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons. For example, Buck one day tries to shoot Harney Shepherdsons. He gets to understand that the feud has been from time in memorial. Two people have been killed in this clan war. They meet in church but all are always armed.

Huck follows some slave valet and he finds Jim there. He says that he saw Huck to the shore but he could not call him because he could be caught. He goes back home and learns that the note he found on the Pew was a note for Sophie Grangerford who eloped the next day. However, they were later killed. He escapes and goes to meet with Jim. They meet some group of men who they agree to help downstream. These men’s clothes are tattered. They were escaping from the rage of their locals. These two men ended up being con artists.

Step Two-the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

This book has been written well to bring out the various themes that the author wanted to portray. These included, slavery, friendship, religion, and conflict. He did these perfectly through the actions of the various characters. It brings out the activities that unfolded during the era of slavery. Firstly, Huck has been used to show the new side of whites who are not rigid and does not really believe in the issue of white supremacy. He enjoys the favors of not being black but does not really major on it. As it is seen, he enjoys the help of Jim and Tom. They are the people he asks for their help numerous times.

In addition, Huck is used to depict the morals in the society. He does not like being around his father because he is a dead beat and hates being around him. Pap ends up hurting his son and even kidnaps him so that he can get his hand on the money that Huck had. Huck is further torn in between adhering to the norms of the society and his consciousness as they are on the run with Jim. We are told he has to choose the lesser evil. This brings the questions of Morality and Law. Which one should we follow.

Secondly, Pap’s depicts a huge percentage of fathers in this society. The issue of always being a dead-beat dad is clearly depicted from his actions. He does snot care about Huck whatsoever but only cares about the money. We see the fact that he will go to every length just to get that extra penny for his next bottle. He takes Huck’s money and even sues a judge only to get that amount. In addition, we see the issue of child violence through his action as he attacks Huck. Consequently, we see the impact of being a bad parent as Huck ends up celebrating when rumor has it that he was murdered by a bunch of thieves.

Thirdly, Jim has been used to show the life of slaves. The manner in which they are treated and the problems that they have to go through. These include actions such as being mistreated by the different people in the society. For example, Tom thinks of tying up Jim for no reason. However, we see that’s he puts his hat on a tree. Later, he is unable to follow Huck to the shore since he may be recaptured. Lastly, we see that blacks in this society are treated as property. Jim escapes since his owner had planned to sell him to among the slave traders.
Fourthly, we get to see the family hatred between the Shepherdsons and the Grangerfords. These family hate each other for no reason completely. They even go to the extent of killing each other. They share the same amenities but still do not care and kill each other. Going to church with their riffles.

Conclusively, Mark Twain has used this book to show us the factors that affected the society during this era. We therefore have an understanding of what individuals in that era had to undergo and their culture. We understand that they were Christians, their mode of movement which was mainly the use of canoes and steam ships. Therefore, as a reader, I am able to have a feel of the society during the 19th Century.

Step 3The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

Question 2

The main problem that is facing the main character is that he is constant conflict with the members of the society. From the beginning of the story, he is in conflict with the members of the society mainly regarding their norms and culture. From the beginning, we see that Miss Watson is outright against him smoking. He wants him to be a staunch Christian but Huck is against her. He does not want to adhere to her directives. He even says that he does not mind going to hell. He even disobeys Miss Watson’s grounds that his friend will go to hell.

He is against the manner in which the slaves are treated. He stops Tom from tying up Jim since he woke up as they were escaping for their escapades. He refuses to give up Jim and even goes to the extent of lying that his family has small pox. In that era, whites would always be ready to give up these runaway slaves. Therefore, he is an exception to the societal expectation. It crosses his mind but he is unable to go along with his plan because Jim says he is his only friend.

When they join the gang, he is clearly different from the other boys. He does not have a person he would have to kill if he gives out the secrets. We see that if he was given the chance of killing his only remaining family members, Pap, he would do it with both hands open. Lastly, he feels bad when the two Grangerfolds are killed. In this era, we know that the criminal justice system was mainly used to kill people. Therefore, they were okay with killing these two love birds. Therefore, as he tries to fit in, he ends up seeing that he does not fit and has to escape. He runs from Miss Watson’s, Pap, and the Grangerfold. We see that he is happy to be alone on the island and feels great that he can smoke as he likes.

Question 5 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal


This story has shown us that religion was part and parcel of this society. They were mainly Christians as seen from the words of Miss Watson, Tom, and the Grangerfolds. Miss Watson preaches to Huck and her slaves every night before they go to bed. In addition, she tries to make Huck to stop smoking because it is not right in their religion. She wants him to be right with God. For example, we see that she wants him to stop being friends with Tom. Even Tom, who is a criminal has an idea of King Solomon. Lastly, we see that the Grangerfords and the Shephardsons all went to church on Sunday.

As we read this book, we see that the Slave’s religion is unique in its own way. They believe in Christianity but manifest it differently. They have added their culture in the manner in which they praise. In addition, we see that the slaves had a culture that believed in superstitions. Jim became a celebrity when he said that the spirits were responsible for his hat going on the tree. Jim is so superstitious that Huck uses it against him when they are in a wreckage. He tells him that he dreamt about it and he believes it until he saw the wreckage. Therefore, we see a component of the Slave culture that may not be depicted in many books.

Family love and hate

From the book, we can see that Families are always supposed to take care of each other. Miss Watson takes Huck in and loves him like his son. He tries to protect him from harm such as Tom and Pap. As we see, they even try to take full custody all so that they can protect him from Pap’s hands. We later see that the Grangerfolds take Huck in and treat him very hospitably. They even allow him to stay with them as much as he likes. From this we can see that Families can be made up of people who are not even related.

However, we see that hate may unfold in some situations. We see that Huck despises Pap a lot. He even wishes to kill him when he passes out and he puts the short gun on his head. He is happy when rumor has it that he is the one who was killed by the band of thieves. We later see the extremes of family fueds between the Grangerfolds and the Shepherdsons. They go to the lengths of shooting at each other as seen by Buck. Lastly, Jim says that he is going through all this trouble for his wife and daughter. He escapes so that he can make enough money to buy his wife and child from slavery. He says that he may even involve the liberators to go and steal them. We therefore understand that family love is a very precious and strong thing.


There are very many instances that the characters lie. Huck lies continuously mainly about his name. He lies to his father that he has no money even though we know that it is in the bank. He has to ‘change’ his gender so that he can get information. It forces him to masquerade as a girl. He changes his name but the lie catches up with him. He has to lie that he was killed to his father so that he can escape from his captivity. In addition, he lies that he is called George so that he can find some shelter. Later on, he lies that his family has small pox so that he can save Jim from captivity.

On the contrary, we see that Tom lies just for the sake. He lies so that he can be seen to be a strong figure in the gang. Pap lies to the court that he wants custody of his son because he cares even though we know that he just wants the money. Lastly, the two men he met were all fugitives due to them lying and coning the residents of their cities. One sold to the members of the town a product that does not whiten the teeth but rather destroys the enamel. In addition, the old mans, the pastor, is found drinking. They continue lying even the younger one stating that he is a Duke.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Journal

We can therefore understand that these characters lie for different reasons. They may lie to save their property, lie to save their lives, or lie just for their own benefit. Therefore, the topic of lies has been clearly brought out in the story.

Question 4

The major symbol in this book is the Mississippi river. It is a symbol of life. The author uses Huck and Jim to show us the troubles that we may always undergo. However, with endurance, they are still trying to see how they can be successful in their venture. They use the river to get to the Jackson Island but they later have to move because of being spotted. Throughout their journeys on the river, they are met with problems. These include, losing their raft and even meeting people who would have hindered their success. For example, when they met the slave traders, Jim would have instantly lost his walk to freedom.

In addition, we understand that the journey too freedom is never smooth. They have to go through numerous problems such as the bad weather and losing their canoe. We realize that our plans are never as we may think. The tide will always change and we have to embrace the change. Lastly, we can see that the journey may officially be started with different people but the river (life) will always have different ways of favoring us. We see that the first accident, Jim was the one who reached safety first while Huck wandered. Later on, we see that Huck is washed onto the land and meets the family which take him in as Jim hides for his safety. Therefore, the river we see symbolizes life.