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Unearthing prostitution among young girls

The ‘A’ Team

At some point in life, everyone has listened to a song and had an experience or connection to the song that is distinct from

At some point in life, everyone has listened to a song and had an experience or connection to the song that is distinct from what others perceive. Such is the kind of feeling that people have when listening to the song “The ‘A’ Team” by Ed Sheeran. While his vocal prowess is undaunted, few seconds into the song have people rapt in the message of the song. In this regard, “The ‘A’ Team” is a song about the life of a girl caught up in prostitution. It was during a visit to a girls’ home that Ed Sheeran got the inspiration to tell the tale of many young girls who find themselves entangled in prostitution and substance use. Throughout the song, a person is able to see the issues of physical abuse, substance use, poverty and prostitution that are displayed in a more subtle manner through the upbeat music. It is through the lyrics that the issues interconnect as seen in the hardship faced by the girl.

It is imperative to note that the structure of “The ‘A’ Team” song is that of a narrative with no band performance. The narrative in the song is told in a circular way, that is, the video begins at the end. The aim was to portray the life of the girl as seen from a watchful perspective. The music video contains numerous close ups of the protagonist. The objective of these close ups is to formulate a feeling of empathy from the person listening to the song or watching the music video as the lyrics point to a wasted life. It is my belief that the target audience for this song is the younger generation, mostly between fifteen to twenty-five years of age. The issues of poverty, drugs, prostitution and physical abuse are things that most youths are caught up in or experience in their lives. Despite the fact that the message in the song mostly addresses the issues faced by women and young girls, it also applicable to the male gender, particularly the issues of poverty and drugs.

An individual need not go further to decipher the melancholic message in the song since the start of the song is sufficient to paint a picture of distraught prostitution. For instance, the lyrics long nights, strange men / sells love to another man already paint a picture of prostitution in a person’s mind. The theme of poverty is also portrayed in the song in the lyrics struggling to pay rent / been this way since 18. The message Ed Sheeran is putting across is that the degenerate life of the girl has led her to live a life of abject poverty. Despite the message of prostitution being quite evident in the song, the lyrics can also lead to false conclusions. For instance, the lyrics white lips, pale face / been this way since 18 / but lately her face seems / slowly sinking, wasting / crumbling like pastries may allude to a message of an ill girl. The lyrics could be interpreted as that of girl who is sick since they describe signs or symptoms of illness. However, the intended message is that of a life of hardship, dictated by incessant substance use and prostitution.The ‘A’ Team