Thank you letter essay



Thank you letter essay

Dear Mr. Waqas Tariq

Hope you are well. I take this opportunity to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to allow me to conduct my interview. It is with great pleasure to inform you that your advice has had a great effect on me as a student, and later in my professional life. You made me look at leadership from a different perspective. Before the interview, I believed that there are individuals who are born to be leaders. However, from your explanation, I understood that it is important to always learn from experiences and people around us. Therefore, it has made me realize that we should always put in work to ensure that we are the best leaders.

In addition, the interview helped me know the importance of communication at the workplace. There should be constant and easy flow of information throughout the company. You made me realize that the success of any mode of communication is dependent on the business environment. Therefore, as a leader I must foster love and understanding at the workplace. To do this, I must understand my employees. Personally, I admire that you have the time always spare five to ten minutes daily to have a face-to-face meeting with your members of staff. I have learned that if I am willing, I will always make things work.Thank you letter essay

Furthermore, the interview helped me decide that I must come up with ways of motivating my personnel. I must come up with ways of ensuring that I can maximize their output. Further, I realized that even punishment is a form of motivation. Therefore, I must critically think of the best way that I can ensure that my employees are able to work to the best of their abilities.

In addition, you reiterated that we must always be humble. Being a leader is something that is very easy but a simple diversion can send the company to the trenches. Therefore, the livelihood of these individuals will be in my hands. Consequently, I must think of my actions hard before I can decide on what to do.

As you explained to me your strengths and weaknesses, I understood that we need to ensure that we maximize our time. You helped me to understand that we need to make sacrifices in order for the task to be completed. This is an action that I have decided to adopt even in my school life. The issue of saying that it is time to rest, I should reduce and ensure that I complete my tasks within the stipulated time. When I will reach at the management position, I will find it easier to go for the long hours and even the weekends. From your piece of advice, I realized it is not wrong to serve others and you made me realize that I need to work hard and work smart. Also, I have to come up with a great time management strategy that will allow me to balance between my family and business.Thank you letter essay

Lastly, you made me understand the importance of goals at the work place. I understood that having proper goals makes the difference whether or not we will be successful in the actions we do. In addition, you made me understand the qualities of a good goal. These include it being practicable and within reach. In addition, I understood that as a leader, we need to ensure that our action plans are in line with our action plans. Factors such as the business’ budget and the number of employees may be dependent on the goals that we want to achieve. Therefore, the information that you equipped me with has made me a better student and a future leader.

Thank You