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Tesla technological superiority

Tesla has used its technological superiority in manufacturing electric cars to attract reputable resources from the market. Tesla is the giant in the electric cars market and its Model S car was a huge success in the market. Tesla with this model of electric car has grabbed the electric car niche market with both hands. In a market to attract resources one needs to develop, the best product and everyone will want a portion of the cake. Tesla has managed to develop such a product and it is attracting investments from all the corners. With people more concerned about the environment, the number of electric car sold is increasing every year. Different investors have seen the potential in this market and are collaborating with Tesla to develop a more reliable electric car. Investors have seen that their fund will be put into a good use and will be secure since the future of electric cars is getting brighter day. It has also managed to attract the interest of federal government, which rarely happens with private sector companies.

Tesla is working closely with its customers, workers, and vendors to develop its organizational power. Tesla values its customers and allows them to buy electric cars using the loan advanced to them by federal government. Tesla has partnered with the federal government in a great way to help its potential customers buy electric cars.  Additionally, it allows its customers to purchase their electric vehicle of choice on their website and it is delivered to them on their doorstep. Tesla also offers a conducive working environment for its workers. With a happy working force, Tesla is able to encourage creativity and innovation among the employees. This translates to development of better technology used in electric cars, which benefits Tesla and affirms its position as the market leader in this sector. Tesla also has different vendors across the country who help in making Tesla a household name. Without vendors, Tesla would find it hard to be in its current position. Vendors help in managing supercharging stations and in selling Tesla electric cars. Even though Tesla is a big company, it needs vendors to help in different areas.Tesla technological superiority

Tesla’s approach to shaping ecosystem involves manufacturing electric cars that are environment friendly. Tesla s devoted towards protection of environment. To achieve this, the company is developing electric motor vehicles thus limiting the carbon emissions to the environment. It is using the best technology available to develop the best electric car that offers value for money. However, I think it can increase the number of supercharging stations across the country in order to attract more customers. Limiting the number and places where supercharging stations are located also restricts where one can go with an electric car. It should work hard to have charging stations across the country. This will be the big step since people will but the electric cars without the fear that they might be stalled on the road when the battery dies. It can also partner with other investors willing to put supercharging stations in different parts of the country that can help the electric cars run for longer.


Hello Nolasco

I agree with you that Tesla is the leading company in the electric vehicle market segment. It has the best car and uses the best technology to develop its cars. As such, it has been able to attract investors who believe their funds are secure. Moreover, the electric car market is only going to grow bigger as more people become pro-environment. Tesla is also making it easy for customers to acquire its cars by allowing them to place an order online on its website. Just like you, I think Tesla can sell more electric cars if it had supercharging stations all over the country. This will require heavy investments but it will surely have high returns in the long run.