Terrorism and Technology

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Terrorism and Technology


Terrorism and Technology

The aim of this paper is to examine of information technologies on the phenomenon of terrorism. An evaluation of how the vice has evolved into what is now referred to as information terrorism is conducted. The revolution brought about by information has introduced Information Warfare, conflicts among nations that are based on attacks on information structures. Today’s information age has affected the types of weapons and targets that are used by terrorists. Moreover, the impact has been felt on the ways such groups structure and operate their organizations. A detailed discussion of how different terrorist organizations have used information technology like software, computers, the internet and other telecommunication devices to successfully organize and coordinate activities is presented. Just as large corporations have embraced information and technology to ensure efficient operations, terrorists have harnessed IT power to achieve new forms of organization and operational doctrines. Solutions and prescriptions for integration of information and technology into security frameworks of countries across the globe to counter the threat of terrorism are also provided. Being a phenomenon that cannot be totally eradicated, necessary organizations should also be formed to cooperate at international level so as to counter the problem.



For more than ten years ago, terrorism was a distinct entity on conflict spectrum, and had highly unique attributes.[1] Today, however, the vice seems to be highly connected with many trends in warfare as it is waged by non-state extremists. As an illustration, the current threats to the United States are no longer from other states. Instead, non-state actors that comprise of small organizations and groups are the main sources of threats. In recent years, experts in terrorism have warned the problem has been worsening with time. Information technology which has become readily available during the age of information revolution that we live is very appealing to most of these groups. For example, following the September 11 attack In the US, it was reported that high-tech tools aided terrorist to accomplish their destructive plans. The Internet, e-mail, and mobile phones were some of the common tools used to accomplish their mission.