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Terminals are the receiving points for imports and the exiting points for exports, having an advanced cargo terminal like the Hong Kong one is the secret to attracting business. Hong Kong cargo terminal attributes its success to good policies, technology and good customer care. These three attributes make Hong Kong very attractive for business. A customer that is treated right will keep choosing the terminal for their business. Technology improves all operations cutting the time cargo spends in storage thus saving everyone millions of money. Good policies ensure flexibility of operation in importing and exporting, which helps customers feel free to make flexible requests. The terminal in Hong Kong boasts of a massive storage area for all kinds of goods including electronics and a cold storage for perishables. This advantage ensures that the terminal is open for all kinds of goods. The biggest advantage is that Hong Kong is strategically placed making it a choice terminal for most of Europe and Asian countries.

The future of air cargo remains uncertain if businesses do not take up flexibility. Estimates show that Air cargo is threatened in countries that prefer items made at home for various reasons. Air cargo; however has the potential to grow instead of declining through research. Finding out what customers in different countries want and fulfilling that need ensures that air cargo remains in business because countries cannot be fully self-sufficient.

Air cargo is advantageous in many ways especially through faster speed, better tracking and protection of goods. It is disadvantageous in its expensive charges. However, because time is money, goods transported by plane reach destinations earlier and can be sold out and reordered before goods from say marine transport reach their destination. This will have substituted for the expensive cost of transportation and other benefits too.