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This is a book that talks about teaching and learning. It is an analysis of how teachers and students interact and talk science. It enlightens how both teacher and students can control each other in a classroom and the unwritten rules involved for both parties. It encourages the use of resources to encourage them to speak on the science subject. It is an ideal guide for practical teaching skills.

It is a research paper that talks about dialogue between teachers and student during a Science lesson. It studies the interaction between two teachers and their students and their use of talks as their teaching tools. They also attempt at educating the

The resource is a handbook created out of a teacher’s focus group. The Science Teachers Focus Group consisted of science teachers that met weekly to explore creative ways of teaching Science. The project later also involved the students in designing and teaching foe best classes. Many of the techniques used can be widely used in classes.

The findings in this study showed that learning and teaching science if not taken seriously does not challenge students enough as it should and therefore do not learn as much. It advocates for teachers to challenge students to think and to provoke them to answer questions on their own. Giving them all the facts will not help them much but giving them research work will help them learn better.

This YouTube video shows a teacher teaching science and teaching in classroom. The video is important to teaching science since it shows and demonstrates how a teacher can teach science and writing in a classroom.  The article is important since it describes and shows how a teacher can directly teach science in a classroom.  The teacher in the video is recorded teaching in classroom and as such gives one firsthand experience of how teaching science and writing is down in a classroom setting.