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Tango Dance

Tango dance is one of the most famous dances in the world probably because of its fascinating aspect especially as it is performed between couples who usually display some aspects of romance. It dates its history back in 1789 when it is believed to have started both in African and European cultures though not evidently, as it is today. It however formed its roots in some of the lower districts of Argentina from where its popularity has continued to increase over the years. During this period, Spanish speakers who lacked the proper accent would meet to experiment the various styles that each one of them had. As they continued to practice, the Tango style started emerging and within a short time, many of these people become attached to the style more than their countries. It thus moved from an unidentified style that was undefined to a national form of social and political expression (Denniston, 6).

In the beginning of the twentieth century, the dance rapidly spread across the world as dancers from Buenos Aires travelled to the western countries to perform it in orchestras and other public gatherings.  However, the great depression that began in 1929 negatively affected the dance since it caused it to decline mainly because the recreation activities, which had initially attracted it, declined. It was also during this time that sound films emerged resulting to orchestras, which relied on the silent films as their source of income to become obsolete. But the roots of the dance had already spread and it was thus impossible to completely stop the popularity of the dance. Tango dance has thus ended up as one of the most accepted and adopted styles and the recent inclusion of the style into the UNESCO cultural heritage list ensured that the style was destined to last.