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Synthesis Assignment -international students


The paper talks about international students who study in the US

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Greener pastures, as we call it. Not a day passes without a student from the undeveloped countries or even the developed but still inferior countries without having to think about “what if I got a scholarship to study in the United States? How do I apply for such a scholarship?” it is quite the norm for most of the people to dream and yearn getting the chance to study in the United States. The United States prides in its awesome reputation matters their having the best schools and education system the world yonder, with the Ivy League universities, the likes of Yale, Harvard, Massachusetts among others in the soil……..
In the recent past, there has been an influx of the number of international students studying in the US, with Chinese, Indian and Saudi Arabian students topping the list. According to the 2015 annual open doors report released by the Institute of International Education, which shows the number of international students in the US, there was almost 1 million enrollments of the international in the US universities in 2014. International ,…………….
Education, is not merely whatever happens in class but has more to it. The life of an international student in the United States Universities and colleges, has its ups and downs. It is such an intriguingly interesting life but also does not come short of its adversities. The fact that one is in a new environment, in itself is a task to be dealt with. In most cases, students might find it difficult in adopting to the climatic conditions of the new country, they will miss their family and above all, the culture shock. To begin with, finding fiends might prove quite a task especially for someone who is trying to be careful not to offend others or even get laughed at. Trying to fit in the new set up is also a real headache. ……….
The sooner you settle down, the better. With the right mind set and approach, student life in the US is an awesome experience. To begin with, the universities offer the best resources any one would need in achieving their goals, from academics to genera life setting. The several student organizations and societies……