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Superhero Origin Story

The purpose of this assignment is to explore you as a person and as a superhero.  You are to write a fictional superhero origin story that uses your life as a basis. You should incorporate your own life experiences to help bring realism to the story. You should also use the readings from class to inform your paper.   The paper will consist of several different parts.

The paper is to use double spacing, one inch margins, and contain a title page. The paper should also have a title page.

I will assign an appropriate due date. We will have an in class peer editing session in which you will get feedback from your classmates.  Please bring 3 copies of your paper to class on that day. You must provide both a hard copy and submit your paper to moodle. When you submit your paper to moodle, it should be in one file that clearly divides the sections.


Requirements for Origin Story:Superhero Origin Story

The first requirement is that you must engage in creative writing. The origin story that you write should be a minimum of 3 pages long not including the title page.  The story should not be longer than 6 pages long.  The story should include the following elements.

  1. The story must include a description of how you got your powers.
  2. The story must indicate what type of powers you have.
  3. There needs to be a clear sense of the mission, powers and identity of your superhero as described in the textbook.
  4. The story should convey a clear sense of the world that your superhero inhabits.
  5. The story must have some sort of resolution or climax.
  6. The story does not have to include a villain but it can.
  7. The story must have a title.

Requirements for Superpower Section

The second requirement is that you have a two to three page documented analysis of your superpowers.  In this summary, you must indicate the extent and limitations of your powers, how realistic it is to have these powers and how you decided that your character would have these powers. You must use at least 2 sources that served either as inspiration or source material for your powers.  For example, if I were to use a power suit, I might model it on the following source You are allowed to make arguments as to why your power could not exist as long as you use two sources to back it up. The sources need to be credible i.e. the sources must have some level of expertise to speak on the subject.


The section should include the following:

  1. A description of your superpower(s).
  2. The extent and limitations to your power(s).
  3. A persuasive argument as to how realistic these powers are using credible sources to back up your arguments.
  4. An explanation as to why you chose to give your character this particular power or powers.

Requirements for Self-Analysis-superhero Origin Story

The third requirement is a one page self-analysis of the character and yourself. You need to compare and contrast yourself with the superhero you created.

  1. How is this character similar to you? You can focus on personality, experiences, attitudes, values, and/or beliefs. Explain why you and your character share these traits. Indicate why these similarities are important to the character.
  2. What is the primary motivation for this character?
  3. How is this character different than you? You can focus on personality, experiences, attitudes, values, and/or beliefs. Explain what motivated you to have your character different from you in these traits and why this is important to the character.

Requirements for Visual Representation

The final requirement is a visual representation of your superhero. You can use any media you like to provide a “picture” of your superhero. You are free to use any other method to create a visual representation of your hero. This part of the assignment is just for fun and is not graded.

There are several online sources that you can use.

They include and


  1. One page picture.