Summary of Body Systems

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Summary of Body Systems

  • Summarize how the Nervous system, Immune system, and Cardiovascular system works

Human body constitutes of numerous systems that function together to ensure healthy and proper living. This paper will focus on how the nervous system, immune system, and cardiovascular system works. The nervous system directly controls a variety of body organs: it includes the brain and the spinal cord, which gets the information from various body organs and adjusts signals to each organ for the purpose of maintaining proper functioning (Marieb & Hoehn, 2008). The immune system is a network of organs, tissues and cells that work together in attacking pathogens that attempt to invade human body. Disease-causing micro-organisms such as fungi, parasites and bacteria that may cause infection are often countered by the immune system network comprising of neutrophils, macrophages and T-lymphocytes. Also, the immune system detects non-self-markers on body cells that may come from cancer cells. The cardiovascular system plays an important role of delivering white blood cells, nutrients, hormones and oxygen around the human body by pumping blood, as well as removing waste products (Chiras, 2003).
2) What is the relationship between these systems? (i.e., do they work together?)Summary of Body Systems

All of the body systems interact with each other to ensure proper functioning and to keeping a human being healthy. Even though each of the systems performs particular functions, they are all dependent and interconnected on one another. There are continuing discoveries regarding how the human body systems work and function together. Nonetheless, there is a very fundamental and basic understanding of the integrated working parts of the body and organ systems (Chiras, 2003). All the body functions are regulated by the nervous system that controls small and large functions; nerves transmit information to and from the human brain to operate the organs and muscles within each of the other body systems. For instance, the nervous system works together with the cardiovascular system by regulating blood pressure and heart rate. Summary of Body Systems