Summary and main findings

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Summaries using Move1, Move2 and Move 3.. references from the articles each articles 3 sources ..
Move 1 what is the article / study / experiment about ?
Move 2 what is the theory or what are the principles underlying the study ?
Move 3 Include all the following * summary of main finding..
* Reflective summation..
Words used in the summary as high school level..


Article 1

Move 1

Details of the article

The article “Exploring the Motivations, Expectations, and Experiences of Students Who Study in Global Settings” focuses on the idea of giving students an opportunity for a global learning experience. The use of the GLE helps in boosting the motivation of the students (Altbach and Knight, 2007). The article highlights on the study that was conducted to come up with factors that affect the level of motivation for the students.

The experiments used

The study used both the qualitative and the quantitative research methods in coming up with results. The triangulation method was used in the collection of data for the research. The model was divided into phases (Anderberg, Nordén and Hansson, 2009). The quantitative and qualitative data was collected at designated points then triangulated. The data was then compared to get differences and similarities.


Move 2

Principles and theory underlying the study

The study aimed at finding the motivational factors, expectations and the pre-departure experiences for the students. The study then looked at how the factors impact on the global learning process. Moreover, the study highlighted the benefits of involving the students in the global programs.



Move 3

Summary and main findings

The study revealed that the students who participated in the research were clearly motivated to explore the global settings and identify the cultural settings at the international level (Toncar, M., Reid and Anderson, 2006). Hence, this helped in the shaping of the students’ understanding. Moreover, the study finds out that the levels of motivation varied across the students that participated in the research. The study also sides with the idea to involve the secondary and university students in the GLE program.

















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