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Summarizing in class

Summarizing is used in cases where one needs to support their thesis with the ideas of another author. Summaries are also best when one is working with lengthy documents and does not need to go into detail. Paraphrasing is used when someone wants to convince their reader of particular information in simpler words. Quotations are used when one wants to remember certain important terms from the borrowed source. It is always better to use summaries or paraphrases because they help a writer think what the original author wanted to pass across and understand it better.

Deciding whether to summarize, paraphrase or quote in one’s thesis is necessary because one wants to support their thesis with substantial information. They also want to have sufficient arguments to work with and be able to introduce new information in their thesis. This is possible through the creation of quotation or summary note cards for remembrance and to determine which information to use in a thesis.

One knows exactly where they will use certain information in their paper even before they write a draft because they are familiar with their notes. During note taking, one can benefit from analysis of notes and having a revised thesis. Signal phrases are important in the creation of thought flow so that another person reading your work can follow through the ideas presented easily. One commits plagiarism by direct quotation, summarizing or paraphrasing using borrowed words, using statistics or visuals from other authors without citing it. One can avoid plagiarism by putting quotation marks around information picked directly. In summaries and paraphrases, one needs to use their own words and in all three cases, citing the source is important. It also important to use signal phrases when introducing different ideas.

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that the languages we speak shape the way we think. The hypothesis links language to thought. Specific languages influence thought, for example, in English, verbs can be changed to mark tense. In Indonesian, the same cannot happen, while in Russian tense and gender is equally important. In Turkish the verb needs to explain the source of the information as well. These examples are convincing because they definitely transform a thought from another language. I speak two languages and sometimes this is the case. Noam Chomsky’s theory is that languages don’t differ from each other. I found Sapir and Whorf more convincing because I have experienced communications in two different languages and they are not so direct.Summarizing in class

I have so far belonged to the following speech communities; the family, school (from kindergarten to higher learning) and a few times in occupation during school breaks. I aspire to join the professional speech community once I complete my studies. Language and vocabulary is important to group identity because it is a sense of connection. A family influences our language by teaching right; education is influencing it by polishing it to perfection. In education however, influence from students can negatively affect language as students struggle to fit in with what is popular. Geography determines our language by influencing it to the surrounding and makes it distinct from other languages. Language on the other hand can influence geography when it is introduced to a new area and made to stick. Social class influences our language because of the different experiences. I have been previously excluded from the African-American lingo. I have not yet excluded someone from my lingo because I strive to fit in. My generation will influence American English with new words like ‘fleek’. Navigating between language communities as a professional is important in winning all sides.Summarizing in class