How to Succeed in Online Learning

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How to Succeed in Online Learning


In the contemporary world of learning, an increasing number of students continue to choose to undertake online learning due to the various advantages that offers. While students have found it both convenient and helpful, a substantial number of students has struggled, even performed dismally after embracing online learning………


In the article titled “Online Learning,” the author begins by noting that undertaking learning online is not a simple task because of the fact that it demands that the learned employs unique study skills and above all, they must master time management properly. But the author also takes note of the fact that it is not hard to succeed in online learning……….

In “Tips for Online Students from an Online Student,” Mary Kathryn

Davis goes a little further and in a way that is highly specific. She begins by recognizing and appreciating the fact that online learning requires the mastery basic computer skills (Davis). Since but its very nature online learning takes place over the internet, if follows that successful learners must be techno savvy………..

An investigation on how to succeed in online learning cannot possibly be compete without a keen look at “The 7 Deadly Sins of Students” by Thomas Benton. Benton was probably sounding a warning to all students,…………


It is clear from the discussion above that to succeed in online writing, it is imperative that the learners does some things. They must be able to plan for their time well and schedule events appropriately. Students must be active learners and not merely…..