Substance abuse in teenagers



) Definition: Excessive consumption of substances such as alcohol or drugs that results in clinically significant impairment or distress.

(2) Psychological Concepts relevant to the subject:

  • Family Interaction Model
  • Social Development Model which comprises:

a)Social Learning Theory (SLT)

b)Social Control Theory (SCT)

(3) Current research on the subject include:

ØCASAColumbia. (2011)

ØChoi, Y., Harachi, T. W., Gillmore, R. M., & Catalano, R. F. (2005)

ØTripodi, S. J., Bender, K., Litschge, C., & Vaughn, M. G. (2010) etc

(4) Recommended Interventions:

üCognitive Behavior Therapy

üFamily-based Interventions

Community-based Intervention