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Substance Abuse


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Substance Abuse


Substance abuse refers to the wrong use of a particular drug. A drug on the other hand is any substance that has an effect on the normal functioning of our bodies. Most commonly, over-the-counter drugs are abused. In addition, nicotine, which is found in coffee and beverages such as soda, alcohol, marijuana and household cleaners termed………………

The treatment of the various cases of drug addiction is complex just as the problem itself is complex. Each treatment program is usually aimed at helping the individuals return to their earlier normal lives by bringing the use of the……………..

Relation with Healthy People 2020 & Statistics

The main focus of Healthy People 2020 is to identify priorities in improving the health of the nation. One of these priorities is preventing drug and substance abuse among our people. Through research, it has been established that drug abuse can be curbed effectively through educating children and adolescents about its……….

Articles Summary

Research findings have arrived at common factors that may result in drug abuse. These factors vary depending on age. Among the teens, chaotic home environment, lack of nurturing and parental attachment, poor social coping skills, poor school performance and perception of approval of drug use behavior among members…

According to the current estimation, alcohol and drug abuse cost US more than 600 billion dollars each year. It is estimated that more than half of this cost is as a result of criminal activities. An alcoholic person for example, is said to be many more times likely to engage in an activity leading to committing a crime than someone………


It is seen that drug and substance abuse pose a major challenge in improving the health of the population, as many children and adolescents are being lured into the vice daily. It can be hoped that intervening in the early years of a person …………