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Struggles of International Students in the US


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Struggles of International Students in the US

Wu, H. P., Garza, E., & Guzman, N. (2015). International student’s challenge and adjustment to college. Education Research International,10(1) , 1-9.Struggles of International Students in the US

In this journal article, Wu, Garza and Guzman carry out a thorough investigation of the challenges that international students face when they come in the United States to pursue their education. While maintain an overall outlook, the authors examine education challenges faced by international students. For instance the author focuses on challenges such as starting to study new subjects that are taught in a different language as well as being taught in a new environment. International students struggle to match the grasping ability of native students who are used to the system of education. The rate at which the teachers cover topics appear to be at a higher rate and as such they have to put far much more effort than other students do.

With great concern, the authors detail out that educational struggles come about because international students have difficulty when communicating with their professors. They also have difficulty when communicating with their peers as well as members of staff. Communication problems arise because of language barriers (Wu, Garza, & Guzman, 2015). Therefore, it becomes hard for these students to fully express themselves and this is carried into exams. In many instances, these students may have the right information but translating it into written language is a heavy task. They end up losing marks and they may be forced to repeat a course not because they did not have any ideas of what was demanded but because they did express their ideas in the best way. Consequently, international students find themselves taking longer to complete their college education in comparison to other regular students.

Struggles of International Students in the US

Hawkes, L. (2014). The development of the social and academic identities of international students in English-speaking higher education institutions. London: BPP University.

In this article, Hawkes argues persuasively that international students face many cultural struggles when studying in English speaking countries. He argues that despite students preparing for the culture shock that awaits them, they still find it had to cope up with the new culture (Hawkes, 2014). For