Strategies that Stern can take to increase consumer familiarity



Strategies that Stern can take to increase consumer familiarity with basketball both domestically and globally and develop a greater basketball presence in Canada in the process include increased internet presence, increased awareness through advertising and occasional touring drafting of more international players.

Football in the United States and soccer in countries such as England, Spain, Germany and Italy among others enjoy immense following due the rigorous advertising and tours conducted by leagues and teams. As such, more and more people are attracted to football and soccer and develop their talent so as to play in these leagues. Stern needs to facilitate more tours in various countries including Canada and improve advertising for basketball so as to get more people intrigued in the NBA so much so that they are willing to watch every game on television, purchase NBA merchandise and even travel to the United States to watch the games in person.

In as much as the NBA enjoys immense coverage on television, it requires more exposure on the Internet due to the global advancement in technology and internet use by people. By posting videos and engaging with basketball enthusiasts from various countries, Stern can capture the attention of online audience and improve consumer familiarity with basketball and basketball presence both domestically and globally. It is common to see football teams such as Bayern Munich sending messages to fans from discordant nations. The NBA can follow the same trend and foster its presence in Canada and other nations.Strategies that Stern can take to increase consumer familiarity

Finally, the NBA needs to draft more international players, that is, players from other nations other than the United States. Canada already enjoys remarkable representation in the league with various Canadians being on NBA rosters. However, this relation should expand to draft more basketball players from Canada and other nations so as to improve consumer familiarity with basketball. However, this expansion should not just be limited to basketball players but also coaches from other nations. When consumers see their fellow countrymen playing and coaching in the NBA, they will be more eager to watch every game and purchase merchandise.

Question 2 Strategies that Stern can take to increase consumer familiarity

It is the mandate of the NBA to create a workplace whereby employees, that is, players, coaches and other staff members feel welcomed and empowered. It is because of this reason that the NBA recognizes the prominence of inclusion and diversity when it comes to basketball players from other nations. As such, in order to make these players feel more welcomed and help them grasp the social and cultural norms in North America, the NBA has employee resource teams, groups and assistants that help foreign players adjust to the American culture.

For instance, employee resource teams comprise of staff of diverse cultures that are normally assigned specific duties to facilitate the smooth settling in of foreign basketball players since they discern how better their specific foreign social and cultural norms can best fit into the North American culture. In addition, there are groups that foreign players and their spouses can join to ease their transition into a discordant culture. These groups embrace the players and their spouses and give them a feeling of inclusivity, comfort and togetherness so that they do get bored in another country with no activities to engage in other than playing basketball. Assistants could also help in simplifying the busy schedules of the foreign players in the NBA in ways that they can easily discern and follow on a daily basis, as well as, provide them appropriate advice regarding how to conduct themselves in the United States and deal with altercations from opponent fans.

Question 3 Strategies that Stern can take to increase consumer familiarity

The sensational Yao Ming was a beacon of the global success of the NBA.  Coming from China where the Asian culture prides itself in emphasizing work ethic and highly merited success, it was interesting to see how this culture could affect his adjustment to the North American culture. Fortunately, the NBA is a competitive league whereby the most hardworking, talented and determined players and team excels. Since the Chinese culture already emphasizes thriving amidst intense competition, basketball players from China tend to continue with this mentality even on the basketball court under the guidance of their managers; a trait that has enabled them to excel on the court and given the managers an easier time of managing them.

Also, there are employee resource teams that comprise of staff and individuals of diverse cultures that facilitate adjustment for foreign players. For instance, the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) is committed to promoting and celebrating Asian cultures in the NBA while also contributing to the business objectives and successes of the league through, recruitment and retention, education, connectivity with other cultures, professional development and social responsibility. Of these, education, professional development and social responsibility are fundamental ideals of the Asian culture that help basketball players from China adjust to the North American culture.