Strategic Career Evaluation

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The essay talks about strategic evaluation of an individual in terms of what one wants to achieve in life and how to achieve.



Career planning is the process of analyzing your current situation, determining your career goals, and devising a plan to achieve those goals. This is something that all college students must do in order to prepare for the future, and the next big step after graduation. It is imperative for you to know the future outlook for your career field, and where you stand among your competition for jobs in that field. This allows you to plan accordingly. Having ………….
My Current Situation
I am currently finishing my business degree in Production and Operations Management, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with an expected graduation date of spring 2016. I also work full-time as an auditor for a small, worker’s compensation insurance company in Birmingham, AL. Upon completion of my degree, I plan to search for jobs in the Birmingham area and begin working in my field as an operations manager. However, this search may prove to be a difficult task. For the 2015–16 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 952,000 associate’s degrees…………
Where I Want To Go

My goals and aspirations for my career are simple. Like most people, I truly wish to find a job that I am good at, get paid well for, and that I love to do. This however, is easier said than done. I have always prided myself on my above average performance in school and work. Therefore, I aspire to obtain a job in which I can grow and develop personally and professionally. Within the next five years, I hope to begin working in my career field, and gaining valuable experience and knowledge. I also hope to be earning a favorable compensation for my work. I currently make a $30,000 annual salary as an insurance …….
Key Factors for Competitive Success

Key success factors are those competitive factors that affect industry member’s ability to survive and prosper in the market place – the particular strategy elements, product attributes, operational approaches, resources, and competitive capabilities that spell the difference between being a strong competitor and a weak competitor. (Thompson, 2012) Basically, these are the main factors that are vital to the success of the individual in their career. According to the textbook Crafting and Executing Strategy, the key success factors need to answer the following three questions:

1. On what basis do employers of the industry choose between the competing potential hires? What attributes are crucial to them hiring you?
2. Given the nature of competitive rivalry and the competitive forces prevailing in the market place, what resources and competitive capabilities must an individual have to be competitively successful?
3. What shortcomings are almost certain to put an individual at a significant competitive disadvantage?