Strangers from within



Strangers from within

In chapter 8 there is a scene where Simon is defying the head of a pig and he goes ahead to label it as the Lord of the Flies. This scene stands out for me as the supreme striking scene of the novel. One has to notice that the scene is in resemblance to the narration of the New Testament where Jesus was confronted by Satan during his forty days of fasting in the desert. The scene stands out for me because Simon, who has virtues of being morally good and a caring character acts like Christ. Additionally, the knowledge he has on the true nature of the beast, reveals him as the one and only carrier of truth in this part of the novel. In this situation, the pig’s head represents evil and Simon is battling against his exact opposite .He gives up unexpectedly, which is a covert indication of Christ’s crucifixion. This crucifixion makes me learn that evil is going to triumph over good on the island.Strangers from within

The tittle “Strangers from within,” gives the impression of familiar written and pronounced language lacking the poetic form and this would have affected the readers’ attitude towards it. No one would have found any pleasure as it is dull, boring and unimaginative. The title could also have affected the readers, as it does not give the reader the curiosity and the interest. The second title “The Lord of the flies” unlike the first one has some suspense for the readers and this makes a reader to anticipate the occurrences of the lord of the flies.Strangers from within

The title Lord of the flies is a metaphoric one and refers to a Hebrew name Beelzebub which means Satan. William Golding uses it to signify that every human is represented with evil. If the author had used the first title, then the significance of the title could not have had any difference from the latter. “The Stranger that lies within” is a title which signifies that the beast is not an outward force but a primeval lying within us and it is all set to rise to the forefront when the right circumstances arises. Both titles mean that we don’t have to blame imagined devil, gods or beasts for the evil that we do but we are having the evil within ourselves.

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I believe both Poe and Chief Harris seem to enjoy the aesthetic part of the city. They tend to enjoy seeing the comeback of animals like bears and coyotes which had disappeared from the city during its economic boom. Moreover, they take walks through the trees an indication that they love the way nature is recapturing the old steel tow. These two characters in the book appreciate nature more than any other person and I believe the author had to use them in order to bring a positive aspect to the town and the book.

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First of all, thank you for your reply. Secondly,I think this is true even today. Many young people still leave their rural homes and move to cities as they look for jobs. The urban population is far greater than the rural population this has been contributed by the movement of young people to cities. I also agree with your point that despite the prolonged hunting for deer they keep on increasing in number. This is an indication that the animals are multiplying faster than they are hunted and poached meaning that nature is recapturing the old steel city.

The scene that I found most interesting for me is the scenario where Grace passes past a huge black bear. It was standing on the ridge and overlooking the road. From the description given by the author the bear appears to be in great health. This is a direct contrast to what is happening to the town. The author also mentions that it was not only the bears that were coming back but also the deer and coyotes. This is an indication that the once expanding city with biddings was now starting to become a forest a good habitat for these animals, which like trees and good covering of vegetation. This part shows the reader that the old town is almost on its knees and it might beyond redemption if animals are now roaming freely. From this scene, I learn that the town is slowly being abandoned by the people and now animals have no fear to come and roam freely.  I believe Meyer is able to vividly capture the setting in the Monongahela Valley. This is because he gives explanations of how things are by using characters to describe the way life is and the way it was in the past. For instance, he uses Grace to describe a building that she was raised in which now is almost collapsing. Through such descriptions, he is able to show that the economy of Monongahela Valley is not doing well and is well past its boom.  I think he chose to set his story in this dying former steel town in order to create awareness that there are some people who are not doing well because they lack jobs. Moreover, using this town is important in reminding Americans about this forgotten town, which played an important role in making America grow. Therefore, he uses this opportunity to remind the readers that they should not run away from their cities but they should work hard to ensure that they remain productive with or without natural resources like steel. I believe the story would not be the same if it was set somewhere else since the old steel town is able to bring out the message advanced by the author. If it was set in a town like New York, it will not be the same message of people suffering after collapse of certain industries.Strangers from within