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Still Unjust for tribal children

The commission intends on changing the lives of tribal children and fighting for their rights. The commission was also passionate about telling the history of the Wabanaki people in a fair voice. Reconciliation is important because while addressing the injustice the Wabanaki passed through, at the same time they help them forget the pain. The commission gave a voice to the Wabanaki people to speak for themselves in terms of recommendations to the state. The commission also hoped to bring cohesion between the tribal governments and the state.

This information is surprising of the ICWA, because taking away the children to boarding schools is not any different from what the treaty children that remained with the English went through. It is surprising because these Wabanaki helpers in the institution cannot be parents to the children. Separating the children from their homes is a poor way of telling the narrative of the Wabanaki because already these children are losing the little left traditions they know.Still Unjust for tribal children

The state of Maine claims that it began the initiative in order to “kill the Indian …and save the man”. I do not support this way of thinking because the Indian was brilliant, hardworking and living in peace before the foreigners came. The “Indian” and the “man” are inseparable because that is the whole package that makes a person unique. Before the arrival of the Maine intruders, the Indian did not lack in anything, for what purposes would a man living in peace want to be saved from. The Maine people should have realized that the only thing the Indian needed to be saved from where the strangers that stole their land and cheated them out of their inheritance.  The Maine people need to realize just how unjust they were to the Wabanaki and treat them more fairly.

The Wabanaki people do not need to be saved from themselves. Their systems were working before the arrival of the strangers that destroyed their livelihood. The Wabanaki need to be empowered to regain their original status and not continue working for the man that destroyed them in the pretense of maintaining a narrative. It is time the Wabanaki are treated like the native tribes of Dubai, who are paid by the government because newcomers transformed their lands for economic gain. The Wabanaki need to benefit from the developments that stole their peace filled lives by bringing untold suffering and loss.Still Unjust for tribal children