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Stern and increasing NBA Familiarity

There are various strategies that Stern can employ to improve consumer familiarity with basketball both domestically and globally, as well as, foster a greater basketball presence in Canada. For instance, the NBA can espouse the development of basketball as a sport from the grassroots, that is, in schools, improve its presence on the Internet through social media engagement and ads on websites and blogs and increase the number of foreign players the league drafts on a yearly basis.

Most adults follow sports and support teams that they were introduced to at home by their parents or the ones they learnt of in school be it middle school or high school. For instance, when a school decides to broadcast a certain game such as the forthcoming Football World Cup, students begin to develop a keen interest in the sport and later become fans of various teams. The same phenomenon can be replicated for basketball by improved support for basketball and broadcast of basketball games in schools by the NBA. In addition, setting up programs in various schools in Canada and other nations that train basketball players and provide them with NBA merchandise will get more individuals to follow the NBA from childhood all through to adulthood.Stern and increasing NBA Familiarity

The Internet is a force that cannot be shunned by any organization. It is a tool that when utilized appropriately can result in increased awareness for the NBA. Despite the fact that the NBA advertises its games, it is not at the same level as football or rugby globally. This is why more people follow football and rugby globally than basketball. As such, Stern can facilitate the increased utilization of the Internet to foster consumer familiarity with basketball by engaging with fans on discordant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and placing ads on websites and blogs that enjoy immense internet traffic. Using social media influencers such as celebrities to post or tweet about the NBA or basketball games can go a long way in improving awareness of basketball both domestically and globally.

As evident in other sports such as football and rugby, having a countryman in one of the teams tends to attract more fans from a nation to the team and the sport in general. In this regard, the NBA must intensify its drafting efforts for foreign players. A good example whereby drafting has increased consumer familiarity with basketball and at the same time improved basketball presence is Canada. Drafting or more basketball players and hiring of more foreign coaches from Canada and other nations will get more people to follow and support the sport financially through the purchase of tickets, merchandise and broadcasting rights globally.

Question 2 Stern and increasing NBA Familiarity

Since foreign basketball players in the NBA are from cultures that discordant from the North American culture, they may find it difficult to adjust to the social and cultural norms in North America. As such, the NBA and teams in the league are tasked with developing support systems and activities that make foreign players feel more welcomed and help them cope with North American social and cultural norms. The NBA can provide the foreign players with assistants with whom they share a similar culture to guide them and help them plan their busy schedules, as well as, show them how to relate with fans and deal with hostile confrontations from opponents.

In addition, there are groups that foreign basketball players can join which normally comprise of other basketball players whereby they engage in various activities. For instance, fellow players can plan welcoming parties for the foreign players and also take them on their social escapades so as to interact with other people and become familiar with the way of life in the United States. The wives and girlfriends of basketball players also have groups that the spouses of foreign players can join so as to get more engaged with the sport and the community.

Question 3 Stern and increasing NBA Familiarity

There are basketball players in the NBA that are drafted from Spain. These players come with their Hispanic culture that affects that their ability to North American culture. For instance, in the Hispanic culture people value family, togetherness, as well as, spiritual fulfillment. As such, a basketball player from Spain set to play for a team in the NBA will seek to find these social and cultural values in his team and environment. The lack of these social and cultural values could result in the player finding it difficult to play in a foreign nation. Fortunately, there are resource teams that an NBA manager can utilize to help a player from Spain to adjust to North American culture.

A good example is the Conexion Ene-be-a that is committed to celebrating and fostering Hispanic cultures in the NBA. The team is also dedicated toward promoting the recruitment and retention of players and business objectives of the team and basketball players, as well as, fostering the connectivity and social responsibility among players. With such social and cultural values taken seriously, the foreign basketball player from Spain will find it easy to settle in the team and adjust to North American culture.