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Stereotyping problem


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Stereotyping problem

It is apparent that having a safe and suitable organizational culture and values involves developing the employees understanding of how the population characteristics of the patients can influence the clinical decision-making processes and procedures. In the context of health care provision in various health care organization, problems of patient stereotyping are a real issue fanned by an array of reasons. Stereotyping may be experienced in various from such as ethnic, religious, racial and gender. Essentially, a stereotype is based on some prior assumptions. Ethnic and racial stereotyping go hand in hand and it is prejudice based on the racial origin or the ethnic group to which a patient belongs. This kind of stereotyping leads to disparities in the health care quality, access, and intervention preferences. Therefore, racial stereotyping influences the clinical management decisions as well as the outcome of health care…..Stereotyping problem

Religious stereotyping mainly centers on the prior assumptions that health care providers may have on a given religious orientation. For instance, Muslims are apparently a rising religious minority today in the US. With the rise in terrorism that is largely linked to the Islamic religion, a Muslim may be a victim of stereotyping on such an issue and they may not receive proper medical care and intervention. Gender stereotyping is also big issue in health care provision in healthcare organizations today. For example, women may be at a disadvantage in relation to cardiac diagnosis because certain symptoms in their systems may be different from the cardiac prototypical profile that is has its roots mainly on men’s symptoms. Furthermore, it may be perceived that women are too weak and frail to undergo some certain procedures, an aspect that may have an effect on the outcome of any given intervention.

Being a hospital administrator, conducting the research to investigate the presence of stereotyping in the health care facility is a challenging task. I will conduct a qualitative investigation by carrying out in-depth semi-structured kind of interviews on the physicians to ascertain how various stereotypical aspects influence care and decision-making. I will also interview several patients to get their view on the nature of service they received as well as their attitude towards the physicians. I will then use specific codes for the interview and carry out an analysis on the information from the interviews. If the problem does exist at my facility, I will recommend and initiate a health care policy that is structured towards a more patient-centered concept. In addition to the health care policy, I will also set up a medical training towards the same endeavor. I will have establish some changes that will solidify understanding and adherence to the priorities of the patient-focused health care. I will put in proposes a system that tailors health care provision to patients depending on their economic abilities, while at the same time enhancing the patient outcomes even in the light of the respective constraints…….Stereotyping problem