stereotypes about the Islamic religion

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stereotypes about the Islamic religion

A lot of stereotypes about the Islamic religion have been held for a long time by different people in the society. Vast arrays of beliefs have been put forward concerning how they do their daily activities or rather are still expected to. In the same line, the other different religions have their specific beliefs and ethos that they align themselves to. Think of the Buddhists, the Christians and even the atheists, all have their documented conventional way of practices.  Ideally, most parts of the world have freedom of worship albeit a few nations where the dominant religion is the only one allowed. The Middle East for instance, is believed to be an Islamic region with some cases of people of other religions being persecuted. The border antagonism between Israel and Pakistan is actually religion based per se. Nevertheless, the Islamic religion is founded on good practices, which make it an admirable religion.

In the article, “what is Islam,” the writer highlights on several points to pinpoint on the pros of Islam. However, this is not to say that Islam is devoid of any shortcomings, but rather, the positives outweigh the negatives. With time, many things have changed and life in general has also changed. Religion has also not been spared by this wave of change in relation to time. Several beliefs and changes in the structure, practices and doctrines of the various religious have had notable changes. It is intriguing however, to realize how Islam has withstood the taste of time and had little or no change at all. The writer carefully draws comparisons of Islam and other religions, and makes sure they point out the strengths of Islam over them. Actually, the article depicts Islam as the best religion to go by……………stereotypes about the Islamic religion

To begin with, we are introduced to the history of how Islam began and more importantly, to the Islam prophet; the messenger. Unlike in other religions, the prophet, for instance in Christianity, is held with too high regards and even presumed a divine figure. In the case of Muslims, the prophet,