Statement of Work



Statement of Work


Technology plays an important role in all aspects of life, especially in education improvement. The existing and potential merits of technology for foreign students in their learning of English language are well documented in research. Like their counterparts from discordant nations, Saudi students experience difficulties learning and using English as a formal language. However, the implementation of technology in different aspects of learning such as auxiliary English programs and language aiding-software, for instance, the multi-lingual Microsoft Office has helped Saudi students and other international students learn their written and spoken English. Thus, there is an urgent need for increased implementation and use of technology in colleges and universities to help Saudi students and other foreign students learn, use and improve their English language in formal and informal communication such as the utilization of Twitter that is explored in this paper.


The purpose of this technology implementation plan is to outline how Twitter can be used to engage Saudi students, as well as, other international students and help them learn and improve their written and spoken English.

Period of Performance-statement of Work

According to the work schedule, an eight week implementation period will suffice. The period of performance will commence with piloting in January 510, 2018 and end with the implementation of the full system by mid-February, 2018.


Place of Performance

The place of performance from piloting to the implementation of the full system will be a preselected school site before being made available for use to all students in all locations. For others outside the school and its vicinity, the piloting process will occur during the summer when the school will be serving eligible international students. Moreover, at certain sites, students and teachers may already be utilizing innovative technology and this can be declared as their pilot stage before implementation of the technology online for every student and tutor to utilize at different locations.

Work Requirements

The major components essential to the implementation of this technological system include hardware necessary to engage Saudi students and other foreign students on better ways of writing and speaking English such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones and the main software or program being Twitter that is integrated with portals and online sessions run by discordant institutions of higher learning. The technological system running on Twitter platform must also entail a balanced scorecard that is outlined in the management sector.

Schedule/Milestones-statement of Work

Based on the students’ requirements for a phased installation of the Twitter Platform for learning English as a second language, the system will be fully operational no later than March 1, 2018. The schedule diagrams an eight week implementation period starting with piloting in January 510, 2018 and ending with full system implementation by mid-February, 2018.

Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance criteria for the novel technology system, that is, use of Twitter platform to aid Saudi students and other foreign students in learning and using English in formal and informal settings is based on evaluation of assessment reports completed by students, educators and the school district that used and reviewed the Twitter module and electronic materials. Thus, the acceptance criteria include:

  • Review of the Twitter module and electronic materials by the tech operators and educators based on the filled assessment forms.
  • Each objective in this plan has a deadline and it’s the responsibility of the tech operators and educators to ensure that system meets these objectives in time.