Star wars written and directed by George Lucas is a movie that invokes mind gobbling inventions and imagination and one can only imagine what the receivership from viewers was in the 1970s. The movie invokes strong themes of wars, love, leadership and most importantly those of racism and religion. The movie is set in various planets and the outer space in general. The movie gave its viewers something to talk about especially at a time where people were thirsty for outer terrestrial activities and the question of whether there are life forms on other planets. Star wars was bound to be a famous movie at the time it was released because it posed adventure and thrill.

This is a movie where religion is highly upheld. Psychology today is convinced that though the evidence of one God or many gods cannot be proved, religion is a force and a power that has been felt across generations regardless of place and time. History has taught us that every human being has always found a way to worship a being whether made by human hands or unseen in matter such as water, air and heavenly bodies. Religion has found a way to bind people together especially those that believe the same thing. It also makes us to make sense the world we live in and thus the reason as to why people cling to religion so desperately. (Today, Psychology) They believe is the reason they exist in the first place. Star Wars IV: A New Hope, even from its name represents religion on a large scale. Hope is an integral part of religion and for the fact that the spirit of the war was to bring a new hope to a peaceful galaxy that is being threatened by Empire’s battle station that seeks to destroy the peace as they know it.

Ancient religion is prominent with common mention of sorcerers. Lord Vader is a sorcerer of the dark forces that represent the dark side of religion. He joined the dark side to gain advantage of the stronger side of the Force. There is a mention of hokey religions by Han which he did not illustrate further. In the movie, the Force is the all-powerful religion that the good believe in. They believe it guides those chosen to be Jedi’s and by listen to it and following its wisdom, one is safe. The Force is portrayed as so powerful that even those in the evil side can sense its power when near. This was portrayed by Darth Vader when he sensed the power of the Force and kept repeating it was near and true to the statement the old man Obi Wan was aboard the imperial forces ship. The Jedis strongly believe in the power of the force and they believe that once chosen by it, it guides you till the very end. Princess Leia can be said to be a mediator between the dark evil forces and the Force and can be likened to pastors or sheiks of today in religion. Religion always has the good side and the bad side. Both sides are represented in the movie.STARWARS IV: A NEW HOPE

The movie represents some racial elements in that the inhabitants of the galaxy are grouped, they are not just inhabitants. They also live apart and have boundaries often which have consequences if they are crossed. The consequences can also lead to death. There are the sand people, imperial storm troops, the farmers like Uncle Owen; the Jedi’s who are warriors, there are freighter pilots who also live apart, the aliens and droids. They live apart as shown by the different scenes in the movie where the different races are found. Skywalker at some point mentions the beggars’ canyon which signifies where the beggars are constrained to living. C-3PO often times degrades R2-D2 and accuses him of not knowing anything. This may be partly because C-3PO feels that his race was made to serve the kind of R2-D2 by being their interpretators. The droids in general are discriminated against in various instances. At one point, C-3PO says that nobody bothers about upsetting a droid even when it is clear they are being treated wrong. At another time, when Skywalker and Obi-Wan and the droids enter an entertainment joint and the attendant immediately tells them off that their kind are not allowed in the premise and asks them to wait outside. Even Princess Leia is not left out of those that are discriminating when she says “Can someone get this walking carpet from me.” This is in reference to a Wookie that is the pilot’s companion and looks gorilla like.

The movie reflects the very religious folk of the 70s era that believed deeply in a higher being. Racial discrimination at the time was also prevalent against races that were not exactly white and often had post boards that discriminated against other races preventing them from accessing various buildings.STARWARS IV: A NEW HOPE

The movie has new  themes of outer space travel, life outside planet earth, extraterrestrial beings, high level technology that could not match that in the 70s and the idea of women in leadership or participating in war may have been foreign in the 70s era. Star wars must have been popular in the 70s because for one it was a science fiction movie, not seen before. The female audience could easily identify with Princess Leia’s strong persona and enjoyed the captain’s masculinity as well as arrogance. The male audience may have been intrigued because it was different and exciting, it stimulated the imagination about outer space, extraterrestrial activity and beings plus the technology was cool. The parents liked it because it is a family movie and could easily be watched with kids because there is no obscene language or X-rated action.STARWARS IV: A NEW HOPE

The movie is easy to watch and does not bore one with heavy themes but is easily relatable to.


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