St. Mary’s Cemetery

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St. Mary’s Cemetery
The cemetery is located in London, and it is managed by the Roman Catholic Church. The cemetery is located on a huge piece of land and has witnessed several burials over the year. The burials mostly conducted on Saturdays a…………..


History of the St. Mary’s Cemetery

The cemetery is historically rich as a result of the many years of existence. St. Mary’s Cemetery is located Virginia. The vast area is demarcated by several crosses and grave yard. The cemetery was formed as a result of the yellow fever epidemic that had hit the country. The cemetery was initiated in 1854 and was initially used as a…………
The oldest grave
In the event of making trips across the grave yard, I came across various graves dating to 1826. It was amazing that the entire grave yard had been maintained in such a manner that it appeared ultra-modern. The oldest grave that I sported………

The most interesting grave
One of the most interesting graves belongs to Steven Rosters. Rosters was a military commander in the second world war and his………..

Head stones, Statues, and Mausoleums
The headstones, statutes and mausoleums that are found in the cemetery are a symbol of the country’s history. The cemetery has five mausoleums that include the Decosi Mausoleum, the Shanly Mausoleum, the Murphy Mausoleum……

Information on the headstones
The headstones and statues have information that has the different meaning. Some of the statutes have the names of some of the most significant figures inscribed on them. Some of the statues are in the form of angels with information…………

The statues and headstones symbolize religion. Clearly, this can be seen from the statues of Jesus Christ, the cross of Christ and the angels………….

Description of the women vs. men, husband vs. wives

The tombstone recognizes the men more than the women. Most of the statues in the cemetery have been named after the men. However, in the case of a husband and wife, the names are put beside one another. Some,,,,,,,,