Buy Existing Paper - Sports Management and Marketing


The title of the article, which was written in the year 2013, is “Sports Management and Marketing: Overview and Recommendations for Future Research.” The article is written by Yong Ko. As the name suggests, the article’s main focus is sports management and marketing.  According to the writer of the article, the sports industry in the US involves the selling of commodities and services such as fitness, sport, recreation and leisure related activities. It is therefore imperative for the firms offering the services as mentioned above to engage in proper management and marketing practices.

The author of the article points out that the there has been a tremendous growth in the sports industry in the US. To that end, the sports industry is trying to introduce new things in the firms through offering sports education to the professionals because it has a high demand. Other disciplines such as Psychology and Economics tried to incorporate sport in their aspects. The sports industry expects to grow more through advertisements that take the form of techniques namely; domain, approach, and goal.



From the class readings, one of the areas that were covered is marketing. Marketing was defined as the process of making potential customers aware of the quality of the products that a company is producing. It is critical for a company to advertise its products so that they can fetch a high market demand and therefore be able to make several sales which would lead to higher profits. The article, “Sports Management and Marketing: Overview and Recommendations for Future Research” point out marketing as the approach that is going to expand the market for the sports industry. Therefore, it is related to what as covered in the classroom.


The sports companies are trying to stimulate the growth of the industry through adhering to the following procedures; goals, approach, and domains.  This technique is good because for instance, through the advertisement of the firms through stating the goals, people are going to get an idea of the significance of sports in their lives and therefore more individuals would purchase the sports products.

The recommendation that should be put forward to the companies is that they should focus their marketing of their products through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. It is because these sites offer the firms with the people who have the highest probability of engaging in the purchasing of the sporting commodities and services.