SOW for IT Infrastructure Implementation

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SOW for IT Infrastructure Implementation


SOW for IT Infrastructure Implementation

A statement of work for implementing IT infrastructure could take the following format;

Purpose statement: A statement justifying why the implementation of the IT framework is necessary. For, instance, IT infrastructure could be implemented facilitate online procurement.

Scope of work: This portion specifies the specifics and extent of the work to be done, as well as the hardware and software to be used in the process. A typical IT infrastructural project could involve use of computers, fitted with the right operating and application software.

Location of work: A description of where work is to be undertaken, which could be an office setting fitted with the right hardware and software.

Period of performance: This states the time frame for the implementation of the project. Implementation of an IT infrastructure could take a period ranging one to six months. In the case of the procurement IT project given as an example, the work could take three months.

Deliverable schedule:  A record of what is due when, like which components of the system need to be already working by that time.

Applicable standards: Statement of the set industrial standards that must be met. In an IT infrastructural project, installed software must be original and certified (Olson, Willcocks and Petherbridge 117).

Acceptable criteria: Guidelines on how the client will be able to rubberstamp the quality of the entire project. At this point, SOW could involve an external IT expert to attest to the quality of the project.

Special requirements: In the case of any requirements that are unique to the contract. For instance, in the case that personnel working on the infrastructural implementation project are entitled to auxiliary benefits.

Miscellaneous: Any details that are not part of the contract but which