South Africa

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Flight and Hotel Information

I used Skyscanner to identify the most comfortable flight to South Africa. Hundreds of airlines were listed on this website. They included British Airways, South African Airways, and Emirates. On browsing for more information on the links provided at the page’s side, I came across Delta Airlines. Direct flight to this country was the only way I could avoid the long layovers in the Middle East or Europe and save a lot of time and energy as well.

I decided to fly using Delta Airlines and had to book the flight one week in advance. In Atlanta, the weather was cool and fine at 11.00 when I caught a train to the airport. One hour later, I was at the airport. There were long queues as officials from immigration and security departments checked our travel documents. Finally, we boarded the plane. It left Atlanta early in the evening and arrived in Johannesburg the following day in the afternoon. The flight took approximately 17 hours though it had been delayed for half an hour due to late arrival of a number of passengers. This duration was so long that I managed to watch 5 movies and sleep for a long period of time before eventually landing in Johannesburg. Delicious food was also served in the plane. Unfortunately Maltesers and ice cream ran out before the row I was in could be served. Since the flight had been late to arrive in Johannesburg, I considered it a possibility that I could miss the flight to Cape Town.

On landing, I passed through the immigration officials and collected my bags. Immediately after, I hurried out of the international terminal in order to re-check my bags before moving to the domestic terminal which was just a short away. Fortunately, the plane had not left.  2 hours later, we were in Cape Town.

Hotel Information-South Africa

In Cape Town, I discovered that hotel industry is well established.