socially efficient level of SO2 is 250



socially efficient level of SO2 is 250

Reasons why no level above or below the socially efficient level would yield as large a net benefit of reducing emissions at that level are;

-the socially efficient level of the sulphur dioxide is the point at which the net benefits are beyond its total costs by the largest possible margin. Thus, it maximizes the net benefits of the activity. From the graph, going below or above the socially efficient level of the sulphur dioxide would affect this equilibrium and therefore lead to negative effects of reducing the net benefits.

B .socially efficient level of SO2 is 250

  1. Role of enforcement costs in this analysis is that they show the position of the socially efficient level of emissions if they were introduced. If the enforcement costs are zero, then the graph moves to the right. Thus, it is an indication that we need a good enforcement technology.
  2. The goals and the requirements of the Paris Climate agreement.

The goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is to ensure strengthening of the world’s response to the threat that is posed by climate change.

The requirements of the agreement are as follows;

-Suitable financial flows

-Emergence of new technology

-Capacity building

If these three conditions are put in place, then it is going to be possible to fight the causes of the climate change.

How the prices of oil may affect the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement-socially efficient level of SO2 is 250

Petroleum is a form of fossil fuel that has detrimental effects to the environment. According to Clifford Krauss and Diane Cardwell, an increase in the prices of the oil would result in a rise in the demand of the product. This would lead people to purchase the oil in large amounts which would lead to the release of emissions that pollute the environment. This is contrary to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement.

  1. Thomas Michael power used “free Market environmentalism” to imply that markets are not neutral, technological devices. Instead, he argued that a market is a social institution with a profound consequence. To that end, he argued that citizens limit the extent of the market with the aim of protecting the basic values. He was therefore against the idea that market forces would lead to the desired results on their own even with the understanding that the government would not.
  2. Efficient level of output = q*+qn
  3. Social efficient level of output is Q2
  4. Source A 6T/wk

Source B 9T/wk

socially efficient level of SO2 is 250


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