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The paper talks about the cases questions faced in social work and the possible answers.



Question 6
In most cases in social work information sharing is not acceptable, but in scenarios where help can be provided through information sharing I believe it is acceptable provided the steps of sharing follow the proper channels such as the way the housing SA staff went through the management by consulting the manager before share the information with other organizations…………………..

Question 7
First the couples must be separated for the period not less than of 12 months, and to file for a divorce one must be a citizen of Australia, there after one can file the application for divorce which might take 6 to 8 weeks before court hearing. The no fault divorce is a law act that does not need the proof that one of the couples is responsible for the separation or divorce, therefore the action of one party contributing to the breakdown of marriage is not considered by the court. It’s not necessary that the couple should see the counsellor since they have already separated more than 12 months………………………..

Question 23
A social worker can help the people who are seeking for divorce to understand the legislative policy governing the act of divorce and give them the legal way to go in matters pertaining divorce. The social worker should also ensure that the couples understand the code of ethics and the impacts of divorce, for property settlement the social worker should help the clients to know the government policy concerning the property settlement and should also ensure that a sustainable amount of property goes to the parent who is……………………….

Question 36
The best way to write a court report is by basing on the value base, and obligations towards others. The understanding of the role of communication, observation and theory is important in writing a court report, therefore the best way is to write about the communication between the client and the social worker this will help in making conclusion. A social worker should not make conclusions such as the client was angry, but one can explain the conversation such as “when I asked the client about her child welfare, she raised her voice at me”………………