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Chapter Eight-Social injustice 

Social injustice can be defined as a situation when individuals are subjected to some unfair practices being carried out in the society. This practices despite their existence, are often against the law of the land thus considered immoral practices.

These issues can however be addressed through intercultural relations. Through the study of intercultural relations, different individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds can learn to understand, communicate and accomplish various specific goals outside their own cultural practices and values. This document explains chapter eight and analyzes its connection with social injustice.

As a result of globalization and intercultural communication, interracial romantic relations seen to have become normal. Despite this, the couples are still often faced with racial and cultural differences such as racial transgressions and exposure of social borders which are some of the examples of social injustice practices (Childs, 2005).

One of the social injustices analyzed is the incorporation of racial based stereotypical judgments affecting various relationships. This often affects partners who come from diverse cultural backgrounds with different stereotypes. Thus individuals are often judged depending on their cultural backgrounds portraying a form of cultural injustice.

The prediction of academic levels are also often affected by race in various intercultural relationships. Some individuals from foreign races are often denied equal chances of attaining academic education thus being left out for the low paying employments. This is a sign of social injustice because this individuals are often denied their rights of attaining academic education.

Prediction of academic levels should therefore not be based on the diverse race of individuals. According to intercultural studies, each and every individual should be give equal chances not based on their races but based on their personal capabilities. This studies therefore aids in the reduction of social injustices that deny people equal academic chances… injustice