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Small Group Communication


            Power and authority is usually endowed at different levels in the society. With each and every rank of power come responsibilities that the person in charge is expected to deliver the society. These activities can always be delivered ethically and unethically. Among the functions of power is assigning of responsibilities to small groups within the organization. Every member in a group is therefore assigned some role that he or she is to perform towards the achievement of a specific goal. Thus, the study of group interaction is important in understanding teacher socializing and social construction of reality. In a classroom or school setting, the teacher acts as the figure in authority and is therefore endowed with authority of assigning educative and non-educative roles to different groups of students in the classroom. These groups therefore create binding situations among the group members and the class members as a whole. The individual interaction with an aim of accomplishing the specific task given eventually constitutes the culture of the organization. Therefore, every individual in a group in entitled to roles, which he or she must perform in order of accomplishing the common goal of the group. This paper analyzes the small group communications looking into the roles and duties played by members of the group with a common objective. Small Group Communication


            Roles are primarily the patterns of behavior and duties expected from every member in the group. Smell group interaction between members leads to socialization among the various group members who in turn adopt ethical norms and values in the course of their interaction in the organization. Ethical values are the behaviors that are generally accepted by the society members to being morally upright. Therefore, group members should avoid unethical norms or behaviors in the course of their interactions within the small groups. This is important because it enables the group members work together towards the achievement of a specific goal. In our last class meeting for example, our class teacher was the figure in power and authority. He was endowed with duties and responsibilities as the leader in ensuring the class meeting is conducted efficiently. Small Group Communication