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Six tips to hook any audience

The video clip, “six tips to hook any audience”, points out the vital things that one should employ with the objective of capturing the attention of his listeners. It is significant to do so because this will enable the speaker to pass the intended information to the audience. Several ideas have been put forward with the aim of enlightening us on the tips that should  be followed for one to fully communicate to the audience.


To begin with, the speaker in the video clip points out that an individual should begin his public speech by holding a physical thing that will attract the attention of the audience. Besides, the speaker should engage the listeners by asking questions. For instance, ” do you know that smoking cigarettes is not the primary cause of lung cancer?” It is imperative to employ this kind of a technique because it keeps the listeners active and eager to hear what is being uttered. Someone can also go on to talk of a point that is very strong and has a lot of weight to the audience. For instance, “ Cancer is on your DNA”. This is critical to the audience because they may not ha e prior knowledge on the causes of the cancer and thus’ they will be keen to listen to what is being said.

Six tips to hook any audience

Equally, the use of stories in a public speech is also vital because it captures the attention of the listeners. It is because the audience will be interested in gaining knowledge on the what happens in the story and therefore the speaker will be in a position to pass the intended information.


Similarly, the attention of the audience is captured via the application of starting the speech with the intended learning points. This is then coupled with the story that work hand in hand to deliver the information.


In my speech delivery, I will ensure that I apply the tips discussed in the video to ensure that I captivate the attention of the audience. For instance, I will ensure that I accomplish this mission through posing questions and including stories in my public speech.


To a public speaking student, the tips that I will give are that the learner should engage the audience through asking questions and use of stories in the speech. Above all, the student should ensure that he uses body language in his/her communication. Through focusing on use of the body language ,the speaker is able to capture the attention of the listeners and thus, he/she will be able to pass the intended information.

Six tips to hook any audience

I will also let the public speaking student have the knowledge that he should not shy off while on stage. He/she should be brave by ensuring that eye contact is maintained. Confidence should also be high.