Over two million children are living with single parents. Never married single mothers are the highest number compared to single mothers from divorce or separated single mothers. (Marripedia,2017) According to the 2016 Annual and Social Economic Supplement, children raised by single mothers are almost six times more likely than children raised by married parents to receive public assistance. The same census report shows that 44.9 percent of single mother families and 22.3 of single father families receive food stamps. David French is sure that poverty rate sky rockets in single parent families or having children out of wedlock.

It makes perfect sense to run one family with two incomes, from the mother and from the father. Resources can be shared reasonably and savings can be made for future use or for emergencies. This is so because the two parents can sit and plan and discuss investments, where they need to spend their money on and where to save on. It is true that two heads are better than one and two consenting adults can do better with proper planning and support.

When the tables are reversed to single parent families, everything changes. The decision maker is one and an often time is overwhelmed by responsibilities. There are too many bills to pay and mouths to feed. The house hold responsibilities and the resource allocation may be difficult because these parents have no one to share the responsibilities and decision making with. The single parents most times cannot save and often times live from hand to mouth because there is too much to pay for and a household to run on one income. Financial decisions made may not be thoroughly thought of and may bring about poor results.

Single parents often depend on the state for free education and food stamps or shelters from well-wishers and in very bad cases, the families wound up homeless. This disunity in the family leads to increased poverty levels that even the children may never recover from unless they make the choice to be different and turn their lives around.


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