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Shopping for Microwave

Executive Report

We at Sharp USA would like to offer you a specific range of microwave models that has unique features that make them suitable for meeting the needs of every household. Are you unsure of which model is best for you? We would like to present to you several hand-picked models that we sell. All of them can be purchased online:

  • Miele H 40424 BM                    $2,045
  • Bosch HMB 8050                     $700
  • Viking DMOC/VOC 205 $1000-1,100
  • The Sharp R-930CS                 $500
  • The Dacor DCM24                  $730


There is no doubt that you have heard about the dangers of using microwaves. However, we have subjected all the devices that we sell under rigorous testing and found that they pose no danger at all. Moreover, all the microwaves that we sell are equipped with three safety measures to prevent any radiation from escaping. Based on their design, the microwave will stop operating the moment the door is opened. Therefore, a user cannot be exposed to any radiations from the device.

We understand that you have other options that would handle the functions of a microwave. However, our devices are unique since they use fewer watts compared to toaster-style ovens. Using our models to heat or re-heat food would save you considerable amounts of energy and, therefore, money. Besides, they are safe for domestic use. We highly encourage you to buy our microwaves and enjoy a new experience in preparing food.


Report-shopping for Microwave

Over the past years, there have been many debates where different arguments have been raised either in favor of or against their use in households. Those who oppose their use agree that they are highly convenient. However, their main concern is the working mechanism of these devices. Microwaves use an electronic field to heat food. Each device has a magnetron whose alternating current acts on electrons contained in the food. As these particles become excited, their kinetic energy increases and in turn creates heat that eventually cooks the food. The worry of most people is the danger associated with microwaves. According to them the electrons as well as the magnetron, are harmful to the users. They point out that microwaves work by radiation where the number of molecules in an electron is altered through ionization. It is this change in molecular structure that concerns them the most.

Others claim that food that is prepared using a microwave tastes strange and would be easily identified from the cooked on a conventional oven or stove. It is, however, the claims using heating foods contained in plastic containers or coated paper in a microwave realizes bisphenol A (BPA) into food that has discouraged many people from using microwaves. Although researchers have established that BPA is an endocrine disruptor, the claims that the use of microwave can cause leukemia, cataracts, irregular heartbeats, anemia, or high cholesterol levels are unfounded and have not been proved.

It is evident that those who raise such claims are driven by the fear of radiation, not knowing that every day; people are exposed to radiation even when not using microwaves. Microwaves are a must in every household. The hustle and bustle of everyday deprive most people the time to prepare food. This is when a microwave comes in handy. These devices are convenient, cook fast, and are safe to use. Moreover, food prepared using microwave tends to be more nutritious than the one cooked using conventional methods.Shopping for Microwave

When shopping for a microwave, there are a few things that you should consider. One of those considerations is size. Before selecting a particular size, you should factor in the amount of kitchen space available. When the device is to be used to prepare food for a bigger family, the right choice would be the bigger one such as 1.2 cubic feet or larger that handle big dishes. There are also smaller models that measure less than 0.5 cubic feet. These are used for heating a cup of coffee or warming soup for an individual. The second consideration should be the wattage. Usually, the more the power consumption, the faster is the cooking. Those with higher wattage cook more efficiently. On the other hand, those whose wattage is below 700W tend to cook unevenly and much slower.

The Miele H 40424 BM is a 23″ microwave model made from sleek stainless steel. It consumes 1000 watts and can accommodate bigger cakes pans measuring 13″ by 9″ by 2″. Its high power consumption guarantees faster and even cooking. Moreover, it is more efficient and saves more power compared to traditional ovens. Unfortunately, it is also relatively expensive at more than $2,045. The Bosch HMB 8050 is another model. This design combines a convection oven and a microwave into a single design. It comes at 23 7/8 “. Unlike Miele H 40424 BM, Bosch HMB 8050 model is not made from stainless steel. However, it has comparable power consumption and almost equal efficiency while costing less than half the price of the first model. It can accommodate a roasting or cake pan measuring 13”. It is also relatively cheap at $700.

The Viking DMOC/VOC 205 model is suitable for smaller families and individual use. It has the advantage of shortening cooking time considerably.  Moreover, it comes in multiple candy colors providing customers with a wide range of choice. Its price ranges from $1000 to $1,100. Recently, its manufacturer ceased its production. However, there are still sufficient stocks available for customers. The Sharp R-930CS is another model that is offered as a built-in or countertop unit. It the least expensive microwave available and can cater to the needs of larger families. Its design, however, does not combine the features of an oven and microwave. It is sold at less than $500. The Dacor DCM24 fetches a market price of approximately $730. The power rating of this model is 900 watts. Apart from its affordability, it is also relatively efficient. However, it suffers from the same shortcoming associated with the Sharp R-930CS model.  Shopping for Microwave














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Shopping for Microwave

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