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Semester Reflection

This semester has been a good learning process for me especially with regard to English and writing references and citations throughout the semester, I have been able to learn that writing requires dedication. If order for me to write a good paper, I know that I will need to set time to organize the way I will be writing my work. For instance, I will need to search reliable sources for my work. This could be text books or journal articles that contain the information that I need. After getting my sources then I can start writing my research paper. Just like other writings, I will need to go through my work and make the necessary corrections. I have come to appreciate the role of teacher’s feedback. It has helped me improve my paper and writing skills. When I open the first research paper that I need and compare it with my last research, I see significant differences in terms of grammar and use of certain words. I have been able to learn how to use articles when writing any paper.

Learning is a process and for sure, this semester has been a good stepping stone for me towards becoming a writer. I also learnt the importance of collaborating with other people when doing a research. For example, when I do not know which word to use in a given sentence, asking my friends or another student helped me to learn how to use that specific word in future. Moreover, during this semester I have been able to perfect my skills of writing annotated bibliography. I will continues researching more on how to writer research papers to increase my knowledge on this area. I expect my writing skills to get better as I dig deeper into the world of writing research paper and other types of papers. With dedication and hard work, I will be able to be flawless in my writings.Semester Reflection