Self-Representation a Limitation

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Self-Representation a Limitation in the Criminal Justice System

Issues of crime and justice in Canada have come under great scrutiny in the recent past. Canadians have come to lose faith in not only the safety and security of their surrounding but also the justice and efficacy of the judicial system set up to protect them and their property. This has brought a negative attitude of Canadians about the Criminal Justice system. Notably, this has been highly experienced in the case of the constitutional right to legal representation.

To best navigate the judicial system, it is recommended that one should seek legal representation. This is in order to have an easy time with the criminal and civil procedures, enable efficiency in evidentiary rules, facilitate the submission of technical motions and even craft clever arguments. In the face of it, any person who is not legally represented before a court system is likely to have a hard time navigating the judicial process and thus a limitation in the judicial system that ultimately leads to injustice. As a matter of fact, it has become a basic right for accused persons to be legally represented.

The trend in Canada shows that many criminal suspects do not get justice because of lack of legal representation. The overall lack of access to justice for the low class and part of the middle class has triggered a nationwide concern as to accessibility of justice. Beverly McLachlin, the Chief Justice of the Canadian Supreme Court, identifies this group people as the hardest hit, caught between two extremes Beverly McLachlin (2007).

Some questions that one may ask in relation to legal representation is; why are some accused persons are not represented? Why should an accused person be legally represented by a legal officer and what is the effect of lack of legal representation in the criminal justice system in Canada?


Self-Representation a Limitation-Why Self-Representation?

The answer is straightforward. Not every Canadian has the resources to hire a lawyer to represent him. This has seen the establishment of legal aids to see into it that low-income Canadians are legally represented in criminal ma…………

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