Self-Assessment: The Big Five

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Self-Assessment: The Big Five


As individuals seek to enhance their self-awareness and find out how their skills and traits fit in their family and work environments, understanding of their personality becomes important (Kiesler, 1996). There are several personality assessments tests that have been devised to enable individuals to understand their personality. The big five personality traits are the most commonly and best accepted used personality model in academic psychology. The big five theory is based on the statistical study of personality items responses; these items include neuroticism, openness to experience, agreeableness, extraversion, and conscientiousness (Hogan & Johnson, 2007). In analyzing an individual personality, this theory uses a technique known as factors analysis that enables researchers to examine the responses by an individual and finally determine what best personality summarizes or describes an individual. Even though there are unlimited variables, the big five stand out in relation to explaining many of a person’s responses to questions regarding their personality (Wiggins, 1996). It should be noted that this tool can be used for both entertainment and educational purposes.

Having assessed my personality using the big five theory, the outcome suggested the following about my personality: that I am somewhat convention in regard to openness to experience; in regard to my conscientiousness is that am well organized and can be relied upon; that am neither extraverted or introverted; I score high on agreeableness as I tend to consider other’s feelings; and on neuroticism I have low scores as I can remain relaxed and calm even in tense situations. These assessments relate very well to me and my life experiences. In my daily interactions have realized that am somewhat conventional as I tend to have narrow interests and avoid complex situations. Related to this personality is the fact that while I am not reserved and, I am not social and talkative either. Also, have realized that am careful, well-organized, and am told that am reliable in most situations.